Father of My Children: Un Review

I went to the French Art Film Festival 2012 yesterday and watched Father Of My Children  , at first  i thought that  it was just a film about a loving father who decided to take his own life after getting caught in a deep debt when his film making production house was going down but a friend of mine who was taking screen studies explained to me that it was just about that but the french film industry that is going down.

Then it makes sense, that it was not the ‘father’ that died on that day but the ‘french film’ that died due to lack of funding. The father was portrayed as a charming, warm and loving person, which resembled what most good french film was about but he was also difficult and hard to work with – meaning that it was not easy to make film- which was being portrayed through out his search in getting the funds to pay off the films that were on going.

This was evident, for Grégoire (the father/film maker) was said to be a good film maker,who made a lot of director famous,who made good films, and yet, caught in huge debt and was not able to get it paid after 20 years since the company was formed. He was not seen as a bad father, but loving just maybe a bit busy with his work but he loved his children (films).

Although I may not like the fact that he chose to kill himself,  it ended beautifully when we see the wife taking charge of the company, fighting to revive it again before finally giving up and sell of the company before moving to Italy. Why Italy was chosen, I am not sure for even Italy probably face the same problem like in France. The ending song selection is a brilliant choice for no one knows the future of french film festival, but whatever happens “Que Sera Sera, Whatever Will Be Will Be”

With this I bid adieu with a quote by a French-Swiss film director Jean Luc Godard :

I pity the French Cinema because it has no money. I pity the American Cinema because it has no ideas.
Jean-Luc Godard

p/s: *But I pity Malaysian Cinema because it have money but no idea what they are making ;P


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