Filem Malaysia atau ‘mereka’ ?

I pity the French Cinema because it has no money. I pity the American Cinema because it has no ideas. Jean-Luc Godard

…..But I pity Malaysian Cinema because it have money but no idea what they are making .

I really do feel the Malaysian cinema have a lot of  talented potential that can be explored,and yet they resort to making such films that is just so sad and pathetic to even recommend one good movie except P.Ramlee’s. Until when we can only go back to remembering Yasmin Ahmad’s ? Even Yasmin’s films, with due respect still have its own flaw. A conversation with a friend of mine explained to me that, even if Yasmin’s films calls for unity, there was no resolution offered in what to do next other than just ‘love’ which in reality we could not rely only just ‘love’.

I was pretty much surprised that actor’s or actresses like Tiz Zaqyiah & Remy Ishak who gave me very good impression in Nur Kasih would settle for less character than they deserve to act in. Just look at Cinta Kura-Kura or even the upcoming Aku,Kau & Dia. To me it would be an insult to their own acting  if they were to accept such offer because they have a lot of potential that can be explored like they have proven it well in Nur Kasih. I prefer the drama not the movie, even if the story line itself will make you question if its even possible to be facing almost the same near life and death situation both in the drama & in film. It was fresh, but not when they use the same formula in the movie.

However much,at the end of the day, its all about the money and quality comes last. They say its about following what the market wants but I am very much sceptical that it is nothing but marketing or following what the advertisement company wants. Looking back, the veteran actors during the P.Ramlee time started off as theatre actors, they will start off as the  stand in/holding up a lembing, before moving up character by character before they can make it to being hero/heroin. And being a hero/heroin means that the director have every right to give a character that will slap you,pull your hair,make you cry and pretty much your worst nightmare to  finally be what they use to call ‘Primadona’. Example? If I am not mistaken , Siput Sarawak was reported to have been spitted on her face when she went out, that is how much people loathed (believed) her character at that time. Nowadays, if you got slapped just a little bit too much, the only thing you will be seeing is a law suit against you.

Note: This is just a personal opinion of the writer


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