‘Love’ according To Paulo Coelho

“Love is something we only learn by experience and there is no other way. To experience love,of cause you need to go through several pitfalls and you climb the highest mountain and go down to the darkest valleys but if there is one thing about broken hearts – it is the fall.

We need to continue to be open to love.If you close yourself by being afraid of suffering. Of cause you are not going to suffer but you are not also going to enjoy life.

Life is is at the end of the day our experiences,and all the challenges that we have to face. I myself had my heart broken several times till the day I met the women of my life. And it took a long long time. I met her when I was 34, when I was 34 and before that of cause Ive been married two or three times and I love this person. But it did not work.

So the thing is,regardless how broken is your heart, you need to mature. You need to mature because,you know already you are going to find pitfalls, you know that love is something you cannot impose to each other and you cannot expect anything in return.

You love because,life without love is totally meaningless.Life without love is like eating something that have no taste. There is always someone waiting for us, the concept of soul mate is present since the dawn of time. Plato,a Greek philosopher said, that we were just one thing.and then somehow this two souls split and they a trying to find each other. How can it manage to do that? It can manage to find your soul mate by never quitting, by always being open. By always being ready to take the risk, disappointments, the moments of doubts, and of cause share a lot of tears but you also going to have a lot of fun!

While searching for someone that is meaningful to you, you are going to find, well, things that you do not expect,but then at the end of the day, if you continue walking ,the person is also walking towards you.

So your objectives is to find, dear, you don’t realize the objective is also seeing I have to find the person who is looking for me. So please, keep walking. Don’t give up easily, because without love as I said, is meaningless.

And it is love that keeps the stars in their place, that keeps the sun that’s shining that keeps everything in place.

If you love or no one loves you back, or the person that you expect don’t love you back, don’t get discouraged. There is someone out there waiting for you. If you are persevere, you are going to meet the person that is searching for you. Keep walking”


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