The ‘Art’ of ‘Meminang’

‘Meminang’ is a Malay custom whereby the potential  groom’s family goes to the potential wife house to ask for her hand in marriage.

Before that, we have ‘Merisik’ which is like asking if the potential candidate is already taken by anyone yet,and also known as ‘Menengok’ which is to see the candidate if they are suitable for each other or not.

But as time goes by, in this case the couple have already know each other that they are both available. So we skip that part and straight to the engagement after the ‘meminang’ part.

First of all, this is not my engagement, its my brother’s – Ismail. Funny part is, its my brother who went through the ‘Menengok’ part instead since he didn’t manage to meet his soon-to-be-fiancee family before that. So it was awkwardly funny that the only request from the bride’s father was to see the future fiancee. LOL!

Anyway, the engagement usually comes with exchange of gifts, via trays of gift either 3 trays (by the future groom family) exchange to 5 trays (by the future bride family), 5 trays exchange to 7 trays, and it can go up to any number as long as both side agrees which in my brother’s case we were requested to bring only 3 trays though in the end we decided to add one or two more , the rambutan & traditional food in the ‘mangkuk tingkat’ . Lucky for us, the Rambutan behind our backyard riped just in time for the engagement, and it turn out so well

Our tray are the one’s in blue, and the other one in chocolate is from the future-bride. She made it herself ALL of them, out of surprisingly tissues for the flowers & paper where she weaves it into a basket and sprays the chocolate colour on it. Sustainable!!

Thats all folks, let the pictures do the talking 😉


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