Catriona Ross: A ‘fortunate’ accident

When I heard of  Catriona Ross, there are only two thing that I remember about her,’Sephia’ & her accident. And I never heard anything about her after that because I was never interested much with whatever happens in the entertainment business be it Hollywood or Malaysia. So, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that I am such a jolly good person by saying this, I just don’t find it comfortable to know too much about other people’s life unless their life have very good lesson to learn from. Per say, the life of Morrie Schwartz .

That is why I was not interested to read about her even when she started to wear hijab since there’s been a growing trend of celebrities who puts on their hijab. No I was not sceptical and what not, but whenever I read the news, my reaction was

 “Oh so there’s another celebrity who have started to wear your hijab, good for you – and flip the next page”

So it took me a while to finally be moved to click on the video below  and watch it. And indeed it was a good move to watch it. True story inspires me more than fiction,because you know its based on a true story. And this is how her story goes….


There are things that we can control,but there are  things that beyond our control. And that is – Life & Death . Had it not be because of her accident,will she ever change? Had it not be His mercy towards her, would she still be alive? I am sure every one have their own story, But the question is, how much are we willing to turn a new page ? We may say we write our own destiny, but don’t forget that it is Him who have the power to move our pen.

Therefore write our life,

 ‘Iqra’ – In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

“Andai buruk daging itu, buruklah seluruh jasadnya, Andai baik daging itu, maka baiklah seluruh jasadnya,

Dan ketahuilah bahawa sekeping daging itu, adalah ‘Hati’, Baik hati kita, baiklah seluruh jasad kita”


“If the meat is bad, bad is the whole body. If the meat is good, therefore good will it be. And know that the piece of meat, is our ‘Heart’ If we have a good heart, good will we be.”


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