Tomé Pires On the Sultans of Malacca:

“The King of Malacca dealt kindly & reasonably with them,which is a thing that greatly attracts merchants,especially the foreigners”

Sultan Muzaffar Syah:
“He was a great man of justice,he devoted much care to the improvement of Malacca”

Sultan Muzaffar Syah also known for his humbleness & thirst for knowledge on Islam,he influenced the Pahang,Kampar & Inderagiri to embrace Islam, his da’wah effort was given recognition by other Muslim Kings:

“…..And because of the honour gained through making those three kings Moors & tributaries,his name became so famous that he had messages from the King of Aden (Yemen),Ormut,Cambay (India) & Bengal & they sent many merchants from their regions to live in Malacca”

Sultan Mansur Syah:
“Mamursa began to reign wisely over his kingdom,taking counsel of the old men,for virtuous government in matters of justice & the preservation of the country”

Sultan Alauddin Riayat Syah:
“They say that this King was more devoted to the affairs of the mosque than to anything else”

The Sultan himself teach the Kings of Pahang,Kampar & Inderagiri & their family about islam: “…because he knew all about them””

Source: Tamadun Melayu, Jilid 3, Ismail Hussein, A. Azz Deraman,Abd Rahman Al Ahmadi.


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