Happy Teacher’s Day

To Cikgu Zuraini, for her purposely calling me to the front to do the math exercise, without her being so strict on me, I would be too lazy to do exercise.

Because of her all the subject except science in my UPSR earn an A.  The point is not the A but her ability to brush me from a D to A student.

Of cause, also to my english teacher, Sir Sunder, Cikgu Jamal for teaching me carpenting, Cikgu Mazlan for the music lesson – I have forgotten how to play the recorder by now lol. Still I thank them all.

As I started my high school, I thank mostly to my science teacher, Cikgu Rafizah for I dont know how she teach but I used to get a bad mark in Science but miraculously earn my first A ever on my PMR. That was enough for me even if I only get the other A for english. I can’t recall all of them, but as far as I can still remember my K.H teacher like cikgu Zaini Che Yang taught me how to sew (Even though in the end she gave up and ask me to just send it to any tailor and get it done anyway lol! I can’t sew – seriously!) Turn what was meant to be Bull Eye egg into Scrambled egg because I was afraid of the oil =P

But I did enjoy learning how to repair the flush, make my own saving box out of wood, I was better in doing those kind of work rather than ‘artistic’ required work, I even enjoyed the DIY lesson. But by now, I forgot most of it.

To cikgu Zaleha , Ive always enjoyed how you teach History as a story,  also cikgu Jamin, and cikgu Azman – its quite different having a male teacher teaching you history.  Then there was also cikgu Noriani, my Pengajian Am teacher. had to do  quite a lot of homework  thanks to her but that’s what helped me in the end. And forgive me cikgu Ramli for constantly challenging you with my questions, I know.. I like to ask a lot of question and gave you a hard time to answer  all those economic term. I remember asking you about Dinar one time hehe.

But like every other year, I will not forget how grateful I was to the late cikgu Yusof who taught me B.M for my STPM, I was not that keen to study that subject knowing that I always get either a C or D every time. But he taught me that even if I am a C or D student, everyone have the potential to become an A student depending how much we are willing to push ourselves to be better. And thanks to him, it certainly earn me a spot for me to go to University. It took me sometime to believe that I scored in that subject , had I continued with my selfishness back then, a fool I was to reject such opportunity.

Maybe that’s why I don’t have a bad opinion on teacher’s, even if they were strict on me, I always believe that it was for my own good. And its sad to see how students these days no longer respect the teacher’s, not knowing that they are actually giving you knowledge and not just there for no reason. I’m sure there are teacher’s who may not be as passionate as the teacher’s back then, still a teacher is still a teacher, they deserve to be respected at least for the knowledge that they went through all these years to teach us.

No matter how boring they may be in front (I do have boring teacher’s) but just give them a chance, perhaps suggest something so that your class wont be so boring? Okay…coming back…I just want to wish Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teacher’s out there, also to my friends who is now a teacher. You know who you are and I hope you keep the passion burning inside of you. Don’t give up on your students for you are giving up on future generation.

And by this, I end with a quote by Wani Ardy 

“It is sad and pathetic if you think that your future, your success, and your happiness are determined by a bunch of numbers and papers.Now you’re in a uni/college, learning what you’ve chose, what you love— why spoil that by obsessing over grades? Just enjoy learning! You already went through high school where your life was dictated by exams. You tried to survive just because you needed the certificate.Pointers, like your age, or your weight, are just numbers. They’re nothing. They don’t mean anything.”

(*some word from the quote have been changed to make it more kids friendly hehe)


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