Langit Vanilla by Wani Ardy

Few months ago I stumbled upon Wani Ardy  book called Langit Vanilla which a friend of mine forgot to take back her book she left in my beg. So I read…and read..and read….for the next three days!!! Its a collection of her poem she wrote back in her best and worst time , it wasn’t that long pun but its deep enough to understand her life story.  Some of the things she wrote i can relate with myself as I was growing up, but some just make me as depressed as she was writing that down. I had to force myself not to read her book again after sometime, it will make me depress for quite sometime lol.

If I didn’t stumble upon it, I would not be interested in this genre, but out of curiosity, its quite a good piece of work! And I enjoyed all of her writings,even the bad ones,are worth reading. You could learn something from it – but heads up, its more suitable for young adult so no Dad, its not for you.

And here is some of my fave quote , she tweets too but forget it if u want her to reply you, tweets, she doesn’t have a smartphone to do that, and too busy to actually go on the computer often. But she will reply you on her facebook, and what a small world, a friend of a friend in my university.


I made this but quote from her piece…


And this is her love story, you will understand why I love her 🙂



3 thoughts on “Langit Vanilla by Wani Ardy

  1. theres a kedai call ‘GOBOK BUKU’ here in JB, when i reach there, this book caught my eyes and suddenly i felt something sadness with just looking at it. and after reading ur review, i know my instinct was right..and i should rush back there and buy it. thanks dear, for ur review..


  2. @fatihahdalahil you’re welcome 🙂 i hope you will enjoy/not enjoy it (in a positive way) as much as i did, now RUN FORREST RUN! get your books now! 😀


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