The Vow-Leh-Lah

I know its a little bit too late to watch this, but hey I just have some free time to check out what was all the hoo hahs about The Vow. Unfortunately, it was just an okay movie. Not very much a climax or crisis going on, they should have a look at Salaam E- Ishq where one of the character lost their memories, I think they did better than this one. Vidya Balan nailed it!

Rachel McAdam didn’t manage to capture my attention, she’s just too happy to be sad. But Channing, well he was slightly better but I would not say he was great at all. But what caught my attention was when Paige confronts her mom when she found out about his dad cheating on her – which was the reason why she left her family. It goes something like she choose to forgive him for all the things he did right and not the one mistake he did wrong. Somehow that takes a lot of courage to forgive but it sort of make room for the future. And thats what Paige did, to stay with Leo even if she can’t remember how its like before the accident.

But it was just a chick flick, quick enough to pass – and forget what happened. 😛

That means, I probably wont be reading Nicholas Sparks book – not my cup of tea I guess. No offence to fans of NS though hehe. All in all, its just 1 out of 5. Its not bad because its bad, but because it doesn’t have much thing to look forward to. The end.


Interesting fact on Wizarding Currency in Harry Potter, by J.K.Rowling

Currency in the wizarding world consists of three different coins.
They are: Galleon, Sickle and Knut. (made of GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE )

MONEY in itself is thought to be one of the five exceptions to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration, meaning IT CANNOT BE CREATED FROM NOTHING.

*Even wizards cannot create money out of magic 😉


Langit Vanilla by Wani Ardy

Few months ago I stumbled upon Wani Ardy  book called Langit Vanilla which a friend of mine forgot to take back her book she left in my beg. So I read…and read..and read….for the next three days!!! Its a collection of her poem she wrote back in her best and worst time , it wasn’t that long pun but its deep enough to understand her life story.  Some of the things she wrote i can relate with myself as I was growing up, but some just make me as depressed as she was writing that down. I had to force myself not to read her book again after sometime, it will make me depress for quite sometime lol.

If I didn’t stumble upon it, I would not be interested in this genre, but out of curiosity, its quite a good piece of work! And I enjoyed all of her writings,even the bad ones,are worth reading. You could learn something from it – but heads up, its more suitable for young adult so no Dad, its not for you.

And here is some of my fave quote , she tweets too but forget it if u want her to reply you, tweets, she doesn’t have a smartphone to do that, and too busy to actually go on the computer often. But she will reply you on her facebook, and what a small world, a friend of a friend in my university.


I made this but quote from her piece…


And this is her love story, you will understand why I love her 🙂


Back to pink!

Since its 2012, its been a while since I use pink as my layout so, welcome back pink kalerrr!

After a long break,  I thought of a come back *bajetpemes*.  But looking at the hits oh my! Thats’ a lot of number!

Thanks for dropping by. And yes dad – I know you are reading this lol!

But what I will write about, well lets just wait and see. I haven’t got much to write about anyway.

So if I do have anything to write about , I will keep you posted.

Until then..


p/s: Just because I don’t write HERE doesn’t mean I don’t write ELSEWHERE  ;P