The Pro says:

The proposed Lynas plant has been inspected by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the world authority on nuclear material. They have not reported that Lynas is a dangerous project. But protests are still going on. The only conclusion one can make is that the protests are political. No matter how many investigations and studies are made the protest will go on. It is not about danger to health. It is about defeating the Government in the coming election. We should be careful with radioactive material. But we should not allow political activists and non-genuine environmentalists deprive us of the economic benefits rare-earth offer through unsubstantiated scare stories. Although I am still not in favour of nuclear power plants, I have nothing against the Lynas project. The Government should not be afraid to let the project to go ahead. -Tun Dr. Mahathir 

The Opposition says:

Firstly, the proposition is wholly disputable because Lynas has not had any prior experience operating such a project. Nor does Lynas possess a pilot-scale plant which would generate an industry-proven data to corroborate these claims. More significantly, Lynas has not disclosed official testimonials which verify the authenticity of the data. Rare earth plant like this does not appear anywhere in this globe except in China. It is wholly unrealistic to accept their claims of zero risk to the people, which is either based on China’s experience or on an hypothetical basis.Thus, if a grassroot movement like Himpunan Hijau can engage experts and scientists to conduct thorough research to obtain the true facts of this issue, why can’t the government?  Our Prime Minister’s suggestion to dump the massive amount of radioactive waste far away from habitated area is totally senseless and unacceptable! This remark from the top leadership in this country is of grave concern to the people because it reflects a shallow understanding of the ecological system and blatant disrespect of natural environment.   Every inch of our motherland is a precious natural asset to our nation. The landscape of the countryside is an ecologically sensitive system of forests, rivers and food production farmlands.   Our Prime Minister must realize that the thousands of acres of land used for permanent disposal of toxic/ radioactive wastes will deprive our children and our children’s children for generations to come from getting near it for billions of years. This permanent radioactive polluting site will subject our whole nation to the risks of widespread contaminations and pollutions.  – Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas 

  The Australian say:

“Conditions of the licence include Lynas paying $US50 million ($46.5m) in instalments to the Malaysian government as a financial guarantee.” – The Australian

The Agenda Daily says

Main wayang, depan tentang, belakang rupanya tukang supply, itulah yang didedahkan oleh Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob bahawa ada ADUN pembangkang di negeri itu yang tersenarai sebagai kontraktor yang terbabit dengan pembinaan Loji Pemerosesan Nadir Bumi (Lynas) di Gebeng. “Saya ada minta Lynas keluarkan senarai kontraktor terbabit dan jangan terkejut (jika) dalam senarai kontraktor itu ada rakan kongsi kepada orang yang paling menentang Lynas. “Ini termasuk juga rakan kongsi kepada wakil kita dari (Kuala) Semantan dan Beserah,” katanya ketika membentangkan Bajet Negeri 2012 pada sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kuantan pada Isnin. DUN Kuala Semantan diwakili Syed Hamid Syed Muhammad manakala Syed Mohammad Tuan Lonik adalah ADUN Beserah. Dua wakil PAS itu penentang kuat pembinaan kilang Lynas. “Kita “hidup” atas undi rakyat, adakah kita akan membuat sesuatu yang memusnahkan rakyat?” katanya. Beliau berharap pembangkang tidak terus mempolitikkan isu itu demi kepentingan politik mereka lebih yang berasaskan kepada fitnah dan pembohongan. Malah, katanya, terdapat “kawan-kawan” kepada pihak yang menentang projek pembinaan kilang itu telah memperoleh kontrak bagi kerja pembinaan kilang itu. “Mereka (kontraktor terbabit) bukan kawan saya, tapi kawan pihak yang membantah pembinaan kilang itu,” katanya. Adnan berharap Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd mengeluarkan senarai kontraktor yang menerima kontrak dan melakukan kerja pembinaan kilang itu untuk tatapan umum – Agenda Daily

  ***   You decide.

SEEFOOD, I can SEE the 'difference' now

SEEFOOD, coming out this March 2012, so called Malaysian made movie but the idea ? Hurm, lets not judge too quick and see if this is just a gimmick to make people watch the movie more. Afterall, if you manage to make Malaysian talk about it, I guess whatever strategy they are planning are working. The quality of  the cartoon deserve a credit just the voice over, needs to be work on – I wonder who is the voice behind it?

But since that they chose to screen over 90 country first before they are ‘ready’ to screen it in Malaysia, I guess the voices they chose are more for the ‘international’ market rather than making it locally familiar to the Malaysians here. Come 8 March – was the general election – lets see if you can prove us wrong 😉