Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa – A Legend!

Have you ever wait for something to happen so long that when you actually get it, you almost cried when it became true? Yes! I almost cried watching HMM, the only Malay movie that I ever waited for so long though I reserved some doubts that its just CGI more than the movie itself. A standing ovation if I must say for I hereby am touched by the quality of our own movie that finally reach the par of its own.

No I am not going to say its like Hollywood movie, because then it will be just another Hollywood movie. Its a mixture of Hollywood (reminds me of 300BC/Troy) with a blend of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon but a whole chunk of Thai effect that will be a splitting image of Queen Of Langkasuka (If you haven’t seen it, you should!!)

Every character played its part well, even Jehan Miskin whom usually not my fave actor expressed their emotion well even without dialog (that pretty much saves the day knowing how he’d usually act if there is oops….!!) Though I hoped that the character could well be explored its character more rather than full of fights only. Some of the scene were too little dialog to actually develop their own story well.

I salute the way it ends, and how it was represented that compliments everyone as the descendants of Merong after his death throughout the Nusantara. Though i wish that they could have preserved a little bit of Malay-ness and not just the Keris only as the remainings of Malay culture for Nusantara would not have been known as Malay Archipelago  if it wasn’t because of it.

Thank you KRU for the dream once a 3 brothers rapper of the famously known Oh La La are now known as the brothers who made Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa a movie worth waiting & watching for! Tahniah!!

To be watched!!!



Malay Capetown

It would be a pity if I don’t share this here but it have been a wonderful talk with Abdullah Wagi which I will tell you more at the post below.

Abdullah Wagi was here to find back his root which is the Malays regardless Malaysia or Indonesia, we were once a Malay Archipelago (Nusantara). Borders by the west separate us of what once unite us Malays.

This is not about Malay superiority instead the importance of knowing our roots & being proud of our root – not to the extend of obnoxious. Its just that its a pity that a lot of the Malay have forgotten their root & feeling so low that they’d rather give up their rights to other race in the name of ‘democracy’.

So listen up people! 🙂

p/s: this doesn’t mean I am back yet =P

Malay Capetown began from the arrivals of 600 people including Shaykh Yusof & his follower from Indonesia who was exiled by the Dutch to curb the influence of the uprising ‘communism’ which is actually ‘patriotism’. Most of the people are Muslims who then planted the seed of Islam.

Up until now, its been 300 years since they arrive and I met Abdullah Wagi who was one of the descendant of the Malay Capetown. From his story,Malay custom still be practiced until now despite some changes due to the modernization,Malay quarters called Boo-Kap (‘Bokap’ means Father- there probably a history behind why it was called that way) , houses still use some ofthe practise once used in old days such as putting a stone at the door to let the wind come into their house,   and  a lot of Malay words are now being used as part of the local African language though not exactly the same like ‘Masjid/Mosque’ called ‘Moschee’ :


This is the Malay quarter/Boo-kap nowadays

While museum were built to tell the history of Malay Capetown. Its now a tourist centre since the South Africa government recognized them as Malay Capetown instead.

I have never met someone more Malay than Abdullah Wagi himself who was proud of his root and lovehis culture so much that he waits every day at the port since he was 5 or 6 years old waiting for Malay sailors to drop by to invite them to his house.Now,he don’t have to do that because many Malays including USM VC have come and visit him.

His father himself taught all he can about the Malay’s & its language,culture etc to remind him of his root that everyone no matter where they are from should be proud of who they are. Find back your root & you will be amazed where these roots takes you 🙂

Source: http://www.indonesia-capetown.org.za/melayu.html

Video’s on Abd Wagi talk: