Online Shopping

Here is the list of online shopping I would recommend to you for those who likes online shopping.

Let me introduce them one by one:


1.) ButikPinkku owned by my course mate+best friend who started her business as a part time job.

Ever since, she receive quiet a lot of order (more than her own job)  that she decided to quit her job & go full time.



2.) Felt Flower owned by Aku Youjie , my junior back in my university who recently appeared in Kosmo! & Remaja which pretty much gave her a lot of publicity that pretty much made her hand full with orders


Floral Vintage Shawl owned by my course mate+good friend of mine too who decided to sell her own line since many people ask her where she bought her shawls (usually bought online as well). Her style is rather unique so those who are looking for unique style can go to her FB page and have a look. Pretty much one of my fave choice since the fabric were high quality. Its a bit expensive but its worth it & best of all there is only ONE shawl at a time which means you are the ONLY person who will have that design. I had to let go of some of my choice so that other people can buy too hehe


Miiyah@Kertas owned by a friend i came to know from her blog, what turn out as a hobby now turn out as a business . Sometime she makes gathering with her craft group for some tutorials & previously invited to hold a quilling workshop at the Star Kid Fair 2010

Interesting right? What turn out as a hobby could turn out to $$$ .

Creativity sells, as long as you have the passion in it.

Well, arts is not my skill though, so the least I can do for them is to write it here.

For all of you, I wish you good luck & many returns in the future..!!!

*Note: This is my last post here. Goodbye! (“,)


* * *


For those looking for online shawl & pashmina, visit this website.

My friend just launch her website:

FB: Butikpinkku


* * *



For those looking for Felt Flower,

visit this one, you can request for it to be turned as hair clip,key chain, pretty much anything:

FB: Felt Flower



* * *


For those looking for other types of shawl

visit this one, its vintage:

FB: Floral Vintage Shawl


* * *


For those into craft & quills ,

I suggest you to visit this one,its handmade:

FB: Miyyah@Kertas


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