A Very Potter Sequel – Theatrical…!!! ^^



Despite a high amount of sarcasm on most of the characters, it was totally awesome & fresh reenactment of Harry Potter in the form of theater. Who would have thought that Draco can be so adorable and Umbridge though evil as usual but totally lovable – at least in this one. Duhhh…Duhh..Duhh….

Anyway, this one pretty much change the whole story of Harry Potter. They did keep some of the character but made it into a different new character of its own.So,the story goes at the part when Harry finally killed Voldermort, therefore Lucius decided to go back in time using the time clock (i don’t remember the name for it) to kill Harry when he first gets to Hogwart.

There’s two part of the show, the first Act and the Second Act & in between was the musicals which incorporate a bit of High School Musical, irrelevant poster of Team Jacob which Umbridge happen to be a fan of him, and etc.

Its crazy, I know especially seeing Umbridge in a body like that & army like +stereotype of ‘Ye mama’ but it definitely kept me watching till the end of the show. 14 parts mind you time 3 show all together! Yes i love Umbridge now haha observe:


Other character would be Draco, such a cute little boy in this one who was hated by his ballet dancing like Lucius who disowned him because he’s not his real son instead Dobby – thats why he still wears diapers at 11 years old.

ROFL! I know, it sound so bad to write this but if you watch the show, you’ll know why its actually hilarious.And, he’s a girl played by Loren Lopez.

Draco was the one who came from the future to help Harry and secretly have a crush on Hermione who later rejects him until later he meets Luna Lovegood & fall in love because both of them wanted to study in Mars. LOL!

Out of all, a well played character were Voldermort which they showed a funny side of him aside from him being evil.

They focus the time when Prof Quirrel were ‘hosting’ Voldermort’s head & explored the the possibility of what would happen if they shared their bed together & they might be a good friend since they share the same body for quite a long time. Its really really funny that scene thanks to Joe Walker:

And now, we go on to Criss Darren. Yes. No wonder he looked familiar right? Its Blaine from Glee..!!!

The verdict? Well scripted – extremely funny & awesome musical…!!!


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