Harry Potter

Its the best book I’ve ever read. I start reading from the Prisoner Of Azkaban before I start reading from the first.

After that, I think i pretty much stopped reading. Because there were no other book better than this one.

Reading in between my teenage year, other than helping me with my english, it gave back all the magic feeling inside me as I start to loose my imagination. Growing up pretty much makes me less a kid than I was before. The minute I read the book, its like i was in my own world. And that I was there looking from the ‘Pensieve’. (If you are a fan, you will know what it means)

The joy of reading,If i were to put into words,  it comes from the flip of the page, the smell of the freshly printed copy, and most of all the mixed feelings of curiosity, anxious,angered,sad,funny,happy from every word written on it. That’s what a good reading is all about.

To some, it may seem like a well written fairy tale, but every tale have a message in between the lines. For example,

Fighting Dementor, is like fighting the things we are scared of, Dementors represent our fear, but the only way to fight fear is to think of things that makes you happy – ‘Occlumency’.

Love do conquers all, the same reason Voldermort could not kill Harry Potter is the same reason Voldermort died.

And the most touching character that I never expect to love most is actually Severus Snape who loved Harry Potter as much as he loves Lilly. But when he had to be the bad guy to save Harry, that brought me to tears.

Honestly, i did not cry when Sirius died,or Dumbledore, or even Dobby but when he did. I cried.

p/s: thank you-know-who too for the book =)

Thank you J.K. Rowling.  For my childhood too (“,)


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