To Whom It May Concern

Please help the Cork community in Ireland build their own Mosque & Islamic Center so that the growing muslim communities in Cork can gather & make the mosque as the central for activities involving both muslim & local community within Cork.

The donations received will help to build a mosque, six school classes, activity rooms, and other important facilities for their communities. It will also help to expand the knowledge and understanding on Islam as well as education for the future generation.

I have been there myself and its not really that comfortable to pray in their current mosque – actually a store building. So, by having the Islamic Center will help the muslim to organize their activities in a clean and better environment since the first requirement of praying is wudhu & a clean place to pray. Below is the design for the future Islamic Center.

Your donation can help to build this, wouldn’t it be wonderful to see what you give become something that you know for sure will be used by thousands of people in the future? As long as there is people coming to this Islamic Center, so will our deed grows by each and everyone coming to this Mosque & Islamic Center.

A charity is not just a form of donation, but its a way to give back to the society after using so much of the world’s wealth, why not share a small portion of what we have to help others in need. Whatever we give to them, will surely be given back to you by God in ways we may not know.

It could be the grant of health, children, better life, and who knows a promised after life. In what form we may not know, but that small deed will always be taken account no matter how small it we give. Whoever you are, I am sure that any religion encourage their people to help other human beings regardless of who they are.

Thank you for your attention.

Kind Regards,


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