Hachiko: A Dog Story


One thing i like about Film Festivals or GSC International Movie Screens, they show movie’s that was not for commercialize purpose. Most of the movie’s are movies that was intend solely as a movie to be told rather than to be sold. So, when i heard that this movie is screening, i was excited but that excitement shattered as i realize that its available only in KL. Humph!

However, thanks to youtube, it was lucky enough to find it in there because not many like film fest kind of movie, if only they the value of these kind of movie and how much they have wasted on commercial movies.

But then again if these movies were to be made for commercial value, then the ‘value’ is not valuable anymore i guess so people, keep on feeding those big pocket, i can just enjoy these movie on my own – with the amount of movies release per month & per year, if one spends on at least 4 movies per month since there are people who will go out every weekend to watch movies – i don’t think i want to spend THAT much for a movie that’s just worth a popcorn but not satisfying enough to fill in your empty stomach =P

So, what kind of movies should be watched?

This kind (“,)

p/s: based on a true story about Hachiko , a dog in Japan who always greet its owner at the station every 5 o’ clock sharp until one day, the owner died without arriving at the train station. However, Hachiko kept on waiting for him for the last 9 years later before he died going to the train station.



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