“When you have the knowledge & skill that you are good at, don’t keep it to yourself, master it, share it to the world. Because, when you do, you be helping others who might improve it just like people such as Avicenna, Algebra, Newton & Einstein impacted towards their own field”  -Anonymous-

That’s pretty much the summary of what i learn through out several encounters within this few days.

First, the proposal workshop who mention one thing about doing a research esp for postgraduates is that you are the ‘master’ of the research you conduct. Only you know what your research is about & only you have the knowledge of that research.

So, even if you are doing an unexplored area or taking the other road – meaning that you choose not to work & continue studying or somewhere in between work & study where not many will take that road, its okay.

If you can’t find a way, make one! If you can’t find the right methodology for it, make one!If you don’t have enough literature review to support your finding, make one but make it so good that when you go for your viva – you can defend it with whatever you have find out because just because there is some scholars before you whom have made such research, it doesn’t mean you cannot question their findings.

Just like Herbert Schiller questioned the mainstream scholar about how technology is a good thing, he questioned that its not necessarily a good thing – instead its a structured & will in some way have influence from the state & capitalist.Or the Bobo doll research theorist who claims media effects on violence among kids when years later David Gauntlett question it with his 10 things wrong with the effect model theory instead.(Yes I am a big fan on these theorist hahahaha)

Second, while i was in a concert, Aishah who used to be a famous singer back in the 80’s said something about sharing the skill we have like she shared with the Raudhatus Sakinah girls (a support centre for girls with social problem like pregnancy etc). Her skill was to sew some embroidery which she use it to teach the girls & some advice for them to move on with their life. Giving back to the society by sharing the knowledge that we are good at instead of keeping it to yourself so that the knowledge can be pass on from generation to generation.

Third, I recall an episode in Drop Dead Diva where a brilliant scientist whom the lawyer thought was fighting for her ‘rights’ to be frozen so she can be ‘awaken’ when the world finds a cure for her disease turn out to be a plan so that she can be awaken together with her late husband – who was frozen due to his health condition. In the end, the lawyer manage to persuade her not to give up her hope by  freezing herself since her previous research could be one of the key to finding the cure that she was hoping someone else will find it when she herself can find that cure herself! (Or perhaps the ONLY one who can find that cure?)

So, from this I can relate on how all these inventors before us like Ibn Sina@ Avicenna manage to invent so many medical appliances & cures in the medical world which they shared to the world & lead to many discoveries by the scientist in the future just like the rest scholars – Algebra, Newton, Einstein etc.

Before I was questioning why I am doing master, now I have my answers (“,)


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