I went to the airport to send my dad off again..

And yet the sound of the engine, the roll of the tyre

Brings me back that chill, that thrill, that leap you feel when you take off..

Yes I miss traveling..


I miss being unknown..

Walking alone, watching people & taking pictures

Where you have an excuse for being a tourist to take pictures…

Without anyone being skeptical..staring at you for taking pictures from a country you were born in..


I miss being known again..

Getting to know new people..

Talking to them, knowing them..

And perhaps make a new friend…


Its crazy…

That even when I was there…

I will dream of home…coming home..

At times I will wake up with tears on my face

Missing that familiar smell,voice & people I left home..

I know that I will end up homesick if I travel again..


And yet..

I get travel-sick..

Usually it would be ‘Cork-sick’

And now…its ‘Granada-sick’ ..’Germany-sick’…’UK-sick’

Have you ever sleep and dream you are back at that place again?

I did..


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