Belated birthday tribute to Abi…

This post was meant to be published on your birthday,but i guess better late than never..

You always say that i only remember things because it was on the picture’s you took when i was small.

But you forgot, the things caputured by the eyes is also a picture that i kept in my mind while i was growing up..

Here is what i remembered, some things that was not in the pictures we have…

1) You used to read me Peter & Jane sometimes with me sometimes with my brother, and though its only now i realize, that you are not just reading me a story book but actually teaching me english by using a different tone when you stressed out ‘BIG’ and ‘small’ ball when Peter & Jane went to the beach. So much that i grew to love reading, and was excited to be able to read level by level until i can read without spelling the words.

2) When we were in Ellel, you brought us all and hold our hand, hold it so tight and never let my hand go as we cross the road to go to school.  You still hold it tightly even when we cross the road at Sg Petani – that time i was in my primary school. Shows how much you wanted to protect us even if its just about crossing a road.

3) You knew that it will hurt a lot when i did my operations, but you were there every time and wheeled me to the OT room, and waited outside until i have come out from it even if takes hours.And even though it was not necessary to reward me for the pain i had to endure, its the only way that i know you wanted me to at least be happy about to be able to go through it. (But i still claim it anyways hahah)

4) You will give me advices –  though sometimes just about too many of it. But one advice that really strikes me was when you said:

“Why stay hook on one ‘fish’ when you can go ‘fishing’ somewhere else”

That was one of the best advice you ever give whenever i come across those situations. And many other advice when i was down, you helped to push me up back again that even if i was down because of you, i know that later you will bring to a Malay restaurant instead of Mamak so that i will smile again and forget the past.

5) The most thing i remember is how great you were being a dad that i can never stop being thankful for all the things you did.For example, you are reading this in my blog now right? =P

Happy (belated) birthday… (“,)

We can choose our friends but we can’t choose our family. But if i had to choose between friends & family. I will choose family & still choose you 😉


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