Once Upon A Cork…

When I was in UCC, two years ago – today & it seems like yesterday since I left my Cork-ung (Cork + Kampung).

So, to the Corkians still living there, I would like to say thank you again for giving me the best memory when i was there, for helping me through out those short period that only God can repay everything you all did especially:

* First years of Castlewhite now Second Years (Dentistry,Seasons, D’Nur Jr. , 3 teruna pingitan hahahaha)

*D’Nur, Jannah, Raudhah, Syifa, B & B (something haha lupa nama korangnyer B&B la! )

*The families of: Pja , Glasheen’s (Eilawany & Kak Siti family), Kak Timah, Kak Azma, Kak Zue Apek & Kak Azraa family (And Corkians babies!!!)

* Newly weds: K.Nang, Aina Jeffry, Farrah Dayana, Fatim huda,Anida…err sape lagi eh yg dah kawin @ nak ikut jejak diaorg? hehe (not me certainly!!)

* House of wilton (yg slalu jadi tmpt Bazaar Ramadhan hehe), 63,75, & sebelah dia sebab tu rumah K.Aina & housemate tapi tak ingat dah nombor, ingat dekat dgn kedai Farash je hehehe K. Ju? K. Milah?

*And people who may know me there but i can’t remember their name compared to their face hehe..

With the coming Eid , I would like to wish all of you (including the blog readers)….

~Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin~

*Since most of the ‘Irish’ visitor to my blog is from Ireland hehe you know who you are (“,)

p/s: Maap la, cheq takleh nak balik “Cork-ung” tahun nie hahahahahahahah =P

With Warm Wishes,

-Sakiinah –


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