My Niece, Izzati – 2 weeks plus~!! :D

In 2 weeks time,

I learnt that…

When she wants to drink, her tongue will move anxiously looking for milk..

But I can easily bring her around the house to buy some time in case my sis is busy

When she needs to change, she will move her little bumbum uncomfortably…

And I’d turn mad like an old grandma when i hear fireworks playing near my house for waking Izzati

She gets shocked easily more often now when she hears loud noise –

Even if i cough, close the door esp when my brother starts his car

Owh and she finally learns how to ‘control’ people esp me…

When she purposely cries so that i pick her up and cries again if  i put her down and when i pick her again, she’d smirk!!!

But when it comes to crying, I have to listen for the cue…

If its a long cry that means she is crying – obviously

But if its only for a second or two that means she’s having some sort of nightmare

Sometimes she’d laugh all by herself…sleeping!!!

So far I did only 1 diaper changing haha…only bcoz i was not well enough to go near her …

My sister said that she’d raise her feet automatically whenever she is changing the diapers..

So when i did try for the first time, she did! haha

Most of the time I just look after her in case her mother is sleeping…

I don’t really need to be with her often since the grand parents already drop by every hour or so =P

Too bad she’s not spending the first Eid with us to go back to Terengganu & will only be back in 2 weeks time  😦

2 weeks X 7 days X  24 hour X 60 second

Therefore in 2 weeks time,

I’d miss her terribly



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