FB = CIA : Half True @ Half Lies – You Decide: Part II ;)

So there have been some conspiracy about FB being under CIA etc.

And if we go deeper there might be claims relate that relate this to Jews etc.

But the main issue is actually the privacy issue which FB have been famous of changing its setting to a limit that there is no privacy despite making it private only to a certain group of friends  – and yet, encourages people to upload & share among these group of friends but still PRIVATE things on Facebook which they have  rights to own it???

With lots of weirdos like stalkers ( threatening or not coz i know some are just secret admirers @ people who enjoys looking at other people’s FB or wall post & whatever post they posted on FB – which i am still trying to figure out how to privatized all this to certain people – if only there is settings where whatever i post is only visible to the people i choose to share with ) …and other typers of weirdos usually the cyber criminals or real criminals in the form of pedophile’s, rapist, players (yes they are guilty for playing on peoples heart!) & the list goes on changing their strategies to internet esp FB.

The internet will and always be an opened threat to the user if they are not careful enough with what they share. Plus, its kind of annoying as well to read crappy status which I’m sure most of u know what kind of status they put on FB right? And some would go to an extend posting humilating, pornographic & offensive things on the net. Some, shares thing just about too much information that it gets kind of awkward to see it on FB (though we don’t intend to see it, but it appears on the news feed – that one i really want to privatize it!! )

Another thing is that, the wall seems like a BIG wall where everyone can see what other people wall on your FB but when you change it into ‘Only Me’ can read it – NOBODY can post ANYTHING on the wall. Huh???!!  And u have to change back to it being public again or you can easily Edit your friends by grouping them under a list of people whom u choose to make it Public or Private only if your friends have not reached more than 100 instead 1000 which somehow there are people who likes to randomly add strangers just to show that they have a LOT of friends but probably less than 10 who keeps in touch with them regularly (thats the reason why i deleted some of my ‘friends’ who is not ‘friends’ – friendship wise & privacy concern )

Since I have mentioned it, its due to the same privacy concern that thankfully in a positive perspective, I can finally choose who I want to add or reject (despite rejecting some weirdos soooo many times!! ), meaning I have the RIGHTS to CHOOSE my friends that I want to stay in touch with and not randomly add them but don’t know them personally. Therefore, most of the people in my friend list usually people that I would at least know them though they may not be a close friend of mine but a mix of school mate/coursemate/workmate etc which i choose not to specify how i know them everytime i add anyone. There’s just too many of them for me to edit  it & i dont want & need to tell the whole world to know i know this and that  person from this and that coz enough that we both know how we know each other. Its none of the world business anyways & plus Who Cares??? LOL!!

Talking about business, I usally rejects those who is trying to sell things/business to me esp those showing off lots and lots of money that they claim can be gained easily. Nothing is Free in this world & i bet its just another MLM scheme. No offense but I don’t like getting money that way, i prefer hard work where i know where my money comes from and not from a pyramid where the people on the top gets more before whatever remainings reached down the pyramid. Though, that doesn’t mean i don’t add other business/products, it depends on the product itself, if its a reliable product which i intend to buy, yes i will add but the rest, i’d rather not let myself be Tagged on every product they sell. Seriously not interested of that kind of advertisement ( to some business people in my FB, you are allowed to do so since I choose to add you so I am interested in seeing your latest product)

And the latest Privacy issue which FB now recommends to mention what phone people are using esp the fact that they have the rights to automatically (if we choose to accept this service) where they are using FB if i’m not mistaken will reallllly puts the user itself at high risk of being stalked by @ the worst the user house be broken into only bcoz they mention that they are currently on vacation/not at home,just went out/ALONE at home – if we were to look at the types of people being raped by – most of the people who rape them are usually people they know so if these people are in our FB – no doubt these people (if not as rapist but other types of criminals who turn out to know you) can be the ones coming after you – for any reason that may endanger us!

But whether or not the conspiracy is as i mentioned half true or half lies, when we combine each half of it into one, its actually goes down to ONE thing, PRIVACY issue!!  Some may choose to limit their information & choose what they want to share, some will write almost everything about themselves (no offence but not everyone wants to know about you) Gosh…how do i change the news feed???!!!

Whatever you choose to share, choose wisely coz you’ll never know whatever you share be a target of an ‘uninvited friends’

So choose to share it wisely,ok?!  😉

p/s: And FB, if u are reading this. PLEASE repair your FB chat!! Its frustrating to be offline suddenly!!


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