The ‘Wh’ Question

Why u don’t have a bf?

When u have (a bf)

When are U getting married?

When u did (get married)

When are U getting kids?

When u have (kids)


Ok ok..maybe they dont really mean up to that point, but answering this endless question is tiring especially for those who don’t know the answer for all this questions people tend to ask. Either being polite or not, sometimes these questions are tiresome for people like us to answer over and over again,making up excuses for i dont know how many time as long as u are still single. Yes. Me. Single. Yet available but don’t seem to have a someone whom i can call him boyfriend.

Well, I would have been lying if i say I haven’t – but lets keep those details private as it is. I don’t really share such details except with my close ones. But going back to the questions, if I were to know the answer, I would have given you, but these questions is not for me to answer but God. He is the planner of my life, the holder of these answer, so ask Him, or if U are helpful enough, yeah I don’t mind knowing a new boy…friend to begin with =P

I believe in God, I believe He have planned it all, who i meet,when i will meet him, and not to forget all the wrong ones before i meet the right one (which obviously wont be perfect to say that its the right one). To be exact, which jerks i would have to meet first only to realize they are just going to be part of a chapter in my life but good enough for me to make as reference of people to avoid or not get myself attached – I may seemed cold & cruel but when it comes to feelings that is temporary, I don’t really let myself stay sad too long on people who doesn’t deserve it.

While waiting for that to happen, and let it happen like it was planned, I’ll just focus on other thing far more important – my life & my family. So, if U want to ask that question again, just remember this:

Glory be to Him Who created pairs of all things, of what the earth grows, and of their kind and of what they know not!
– Yasin, 36:36 –

*Sekian, Terima Kasih 🙂


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