To Um

Stumble upon this song so i decided to dedicate to you ( or Abi too, just replace that with ‘dad’ hehe)

Thank you for EVERYTHING!



Mission accomplished!

If U still remember I mention i cooked yesterday,yes i did – Ayam Kurma with Bayam goreng Bilis! hehe from Nasi Ayam to Ungkep, both i had to cross out the list since the oven is not working & not so cost effective to cook the other, so in tee end i cooked this. Can’t really remember the steps but luckily my housemate helped me out with the cooking so, thanks to her i at least can recall the steps i forgot already hehe.

the,next day,since there’s still some potatoes left, i made ikan bilis goreng kentang with cili hijau for lunch & heated up some of the leftovers from yesterday to add more dish. It was very tempting to buy everything in store esp when i went shopping with a hungry stomach despite having a plate of rice already earlier when i came back from Broga (i get hungry every 3 hours nowadays!).

So far, all my targets on what to do since im here is almost accomplished, and just now i finally get to meet my friend after weeks of rescheduling due to both busy schedule. Bought her movie so she bought me to Marché for a treat. Love the place esp the fact that it have Spain all over its deco & the insides is exactly like a market ( Marché means market in French ).

The interesting part of this shop is that U will have to go to each ‘stalls’ selling fish/meat/vegetable/fruits etc, order & get your order paper stamped the code of the order you made before you get the food. By the end of your meal, you just have to pay at the counter as usual. So i guess it is a ‘market’ for your menu. The food were marvelous!! Esp when its FREE , thanks Ruzz!! =P

Forgot to take a lot of picture but they have every section resembling countries in Europe design so it kind of bringing back my memories when i went there. Here’s the pic, enjoice~


Went for a spontaneous trip to Genting &  hiking to Broga Hill , Genting was last week & this week, Broga Hill. Hehe. Sorry for the late updates (esp my parents, it was a spontaneous decision so I forgot  to inform them).

One is fun + de-stressing & one though tiring but quite an experience since its not really my fave past time. As for Genting, I went with my friends  & ride the Space Shot @ Solero 5 times in a row! Though i was scared at the first time but it was thrilling to ride over and over again since i pretty much already know when it will shot up & down by the 2nd time onwards 😛

Slept at my friends house that night at Elsie’s , a Sabahan who made Adobo (a Filipino cooking, since her mom is a Filipino ) and head back home on that monday morning straight for work.

The Broga Hill trip was even more spontaneous, met up with Zizi who just came back from Cork & end up joining her & her friends to climb the hills. They claim its not too high, but it was challenging to climb all the way up with four peaks to conquer but i end up with only 3 instead before going back home.

All in all, it was fun since its been  a while since i get a day off  & tonight, I’m cooking ! hehehehe

‘Enjoice’ the pic =)