first ‘weak’….

Yes I purposely wrote ‘weak’ instead ‘week’ because that is what I am feeling at the moment. Physically speaking., which makes me wonder if I really want to stay in this business in the future. If I do then, I have to somehow reschedule in a way that would not effect my health because it is definitely going to be a tiring job. If anyone wants to loose weight, this field is the best for you when you have to pretty much around here and there to get things done.

Though it was a slow start every morning, but by the evening, you can never know how long it will take you to get things done. Still in adapting process, but hopefully I did well enough despite all.  Just finished a 6am-6pm shooting, with 8 kids  (plus extra 3 spectator kids watching their siblings during the shoot) to take care of just makes me wonder how did my parents ever manage to handle us 5 at a time.

One of the kids brother was really smart, I told him to keep quiet for 1 minute & he actually counted 60 seconds~!!!! Another almost got one of the crew to start a discourse on whether or not a mineral water that he throw inside the cooler box is a rubbish or a plastic. that kid is currently doing an A-Level for a degree in one of the local college here, and he’s  only 12~~!!

But, it was quite fun to see all the kids (at their best manner) playing all the games (and one of them still have energy after 12hours of shoot!!) . And one thing for sure, I still have long way to go when it comes to dealing with kids that I stayed a few feet away from them just in case things gets out of hand. Luckily, my patience level is as calm as my name, credits to my parents for that!

Speaking of parents, just so you know, though I may not call often coz I mostly have 10-7pm (sometimes 8-10pm but the longest was 12 and that’s only when i have to pack for the next day shooting) . But, the main reason I don’t call is the fact that I’d be fast asleep by the time I reach home and since I live only across the road, and wonderful housemates who will make sure I get my dinner  every time I reach home. That doesn’t mean i miss breakfast/lunch since there’s a lot of food in the office & lunch to take 15 minutes walk or free food during the shooting. With such a lot of energy to use, I pretty much stock up a lot of food with me to keep me full all the time.

So, yes, I am doing well okay! =)

Here’s a sneak peak of the shoot :


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