First Day! :)

Start off slow, didn’t have anything to do until after lunch where just as i step my foot after 20 mins of walking back and forth to grab my lunch down town for a quick meeting with my supervisor.

Had some briefing with my supervisor before we went out to meet one of the companies involved in the upcoming shooting.

Was given a map to reach that company and i had to read all the direction from Kelana Jaya to Port Klang. Honestly speaking, i was really nervous knowing the fact that i am not so good in geography what more map???

Luckily the map was absolutely precise with all the land marks on the map so we managed to find our way, just that by the time we reach the last stop on our way back that we took the wrong turn but fortunately managed to turn back into the right road.

By the evening, we were already going for an audition with some kids for the new reality program ( details P &C) , and man..those kids…fewh~~!! One can’t stop crying as she see’s all the strangers, managed to keep her quiet for a few seconds by giving her some candies but people kept coming to her trying to calm her so i guess she freaked out again and continued crying.

The other, was two girls, both cousins, strange enough that when one is doing an audition, the other is answering for her while the one on camera got camera shy, and vice versa when the other one is on the camera.

Quite an experience dealing with kids, and i thank much of the efforts to the Editor who really knows how to handle kids. As for me, well i guess i have a long way to go since i only know one way to shut them up haha woops~~!!

Overall, it was quite a good day but not for long coz i be off for shooting like every weekend what more weekday. So, after this, i be stocking up lots and lots of food to keep me full since i normally get hungry every 3 hours lately. hehe.

Owh yeah, my hommies (housemate) is treating me well, Kak Nor the head house cooked us dinner today since I didn’t get to go out for dinner tonight. Was already exhausted to walk down town again so thanks a lot girls!

Till now~ 🙂


(Situation 1)

Big Boss: You are from USM?

Me: Yes

Big Boss: We have high expectation on people from USM

Me:  I’ll do my best  -___-” ( errkk??!!!)

(Situation 2)

Someone : You are from USM?

Me: Yes

Someone : So U are the one that we’ve been fighting for

Me: T__T


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