Ice Kacang Puppy Love!

its a simple,straightforward but meaningful movie about a puppy love between two friends in a small town. most of the movie is full of drama’s & jokes (the script should be applauded) , the acting, the song,almost everything in it was sooooo delicious like ice kacang whereby it taste good either way u eat it from..but of coz the bottom part of the bowl is the best part with all those kacang etc inside.

i love the way they described the puppy love as ice kacang, it goes something like, the feeling is like eating an ice kacang in a hot weather and ur lips got shocked and froze by the first spoon but then but then the taste doesn’t last long coz the ice have melt already. something like that haha

seriously, this is no independent movie that you have to think all the way through the movie to get the meaning of it. its actually a light movie and funny to watch. so yeah, instead of watching all those ridiculous movies (seriously…there’s not much of a good movie these days), go get yourself some Ice Kacang! =P


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