horror house

Ok maybe I am exaggerating this but it was a horrifying experience to find a house in KL.

I just came back from house hunting for only to find two house with a pretty bad condition.

One house was located on the 4th floor, ok fine I don’t mind climbing up the stairs everyday since my hostel is like that anyway. But as I reach the house and to see it in such a dark room, with no lights or whatsoever air coming in, and that poster (not going to mention what kind of poster it is due to sensitivity) , I freaked out. And the toilet? Is the last place I want to go to.

The other house, it felt almost like living in Dark Water 3 shooting location. Remember the lift part? The difference is, at least in Dark Water they have some lights, but this one – nada…none..it was so dark that i pretty much ready to kick anyone who may touch me in that dark room, the buttons for the lift, i am lucky to still have button on the 5th floor. All I wanted to do is just get out of that place no matter how nice the house may be. Well, it was reasonably nice, at least on the toilet part which I am pretty particular of.

In the end, I think I will have to sacrifice most of my time going by taxi  after all until i am certain i get the placement after that period of time. As for now, family is the safest place I’d rather go to , at least I can call it a home even if its not the same person I will be staying with.


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