Cork Sick!


1) Youtube anything about Ireland

2) Stalking your ‘Irish’ FB just to see what they are up to since you’re gone

3) Dreaming like REALLY dream of taking a flight there -TWICE!!

And this is the results of the disease :

* * *

This video is not mine, but it was exactly the view i saw from above when i first arrive. It was breath taking, even better because it was  a clear sky day where you can actually see EVERYTHING from above. It was only that time that it finally hit me that i am finally here, CORK!!!

And the video above was the hardest view to look at, time felt so slow yet so fast. Perhaps it was a good thing that nobody could come to send me off because if they did, they will see a side of me that I’ve been hiding for so long hehe. Yes I did the C**, but at least not in front all of you =P

Cork , i miss you, one day i’ll come back and see you okay! When? I don’t know but I’ll be back !! 😎

p/s: And I Love You….Cork!!! By Wayne Brennan, an irish singer btw hehe


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