Happy Birthday Um ;)

Um is how i call my mum, its from an arabic word “Ummi” which means “My Mom”. So as a short form and more direct call, we call her ‘Um’

Someone once said that i am so alone that i only have my parents as my friends, TRUE..!!!My parents is my best friend and the ONLY friend i can count on.

Someone else, also said that i rely on my parents, TRUE…!!! My parents is the only person i can rely on, who else but if its not our parents.

So, to all those low minded people thinking just about too much about other peoples life and not their own life to think of, thank you for your concern but i am pretty much happy with my own life that i don’t need anyone but Allah & my family to take care of my life.

As for friends, only a few handful of friends that will be enough for me to be with so it doesn’t really matter much if you don’t see me around with a lot of friends because in life we have to choose our friends well. Not all friends will be there for us in both good and bad times so why should i be such a fake to be with these kind of friends right?

Ok lets leave that aside and go back to the real intention of this post. My mom, whom this year turns into her big 5 + 1 age hehe. Don’t look so much like a 50’s right? Hurm, let me just think for a moment what i should say about her (she reads my blog so i better write a good review hahaha )

Being in and out of the hospital for almost 10 year of a treatment i previously undergo was perhaps the reason that brought us together from mom and daughter to a friend ( i hope you agree on that), a friend without forgetting that she is a mother at the same time.

So,we pretty much shared a lot of story during our stay at the hospital. So much that i once laugh so hard but i shouldn’t be laughing bcoz my wound is still fresh so it hurts a lot when i laugh. Which is why i warn the rest of my family not to make jokes on the following surgery.

As any typical mother, she always talk just about everything i do. Don’t this …don’t that…so much that i can remember all her words that even before she say anything, even just by looking at her face, i know what’s the next line going to be or what she is about to ask me to do.

For example, when she sits on the floor doing her work on the laptop, after a few minutes she will start calling my name and ask for some fruits or something to munch.

Or when its weekend, usually saturday,the first thing she will ask me to do when i woke up from my bed is to hang her 3 basket full of one week cloth.

And the worst nightmare is to hear her words even when she is not around, for example, when i am 12 hours flight away in Ireland, whenever i am about to do something that she will complain or remind me not to do, i can hear her words and stop everything and do her way instead T_T

for example: i like to drink with the spoon inside, it gives me more grip when i drink, but she always ask me to bring out the spoon before i drink, so u can imagine how many times i put out the spoon every time i drink during that time. (But i didn’t do that when i go back home – love the nag haha )

Out of all, one thing i respect most is how she climbs up her ladder from her student years until she now teach students how to be a teacher. Even though she now teach in university, she still teach as if she teach students. My nickname to her is ‘mothering student’ because she tend to ‘mother’ her student. Even some of my friends who happen to be her student also said the same. haha.

Ok there’s just too many thing about her i could write here but lets just keep this simple up till now. So, to Um, don’t forget to thank Mak Tok for this day ok! hehe. Happy Birthday though 😉


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