To Vitamin S complex =P

Dear Vitamin S Complex,

It took me 17 years to find a friend like you and another  7 good years since we became friends,  through out those times we both seen the best and the worst of each other.

Though we may not have much time to spend with, or know much about each others updates, but we both know too well that we will always be there for each other.

I am actually out of words to tell you how special you are to me, because by now, there’s just not enough words or no words at all to describe someone as good as you.

So, here’s a little something i made (with a little help from the world wide web), which i hope will tell the rest about what this post meant for.

p/s: its a pity that the gift i bought for you got ‘lost’ in the postage, so mum..can i post myself instead as a gift? 😛

HAPPY BIRTHDAY…!!!!!!!   (“,)

Who is this person?

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