Writer’s block – again…

Ok ok i admit that the only reason i am posting up nonsense is because i have a writer’s block. hehe

Will write again when i have something to write ok.

For now, enjoy this video:

And no, i am not getting married or whatever you are thinking.

I just came across this while watching Ellen recently and find it rather sweet so i got addicted watching marriage proposal by many people on youtube. But her expression was priceless which I later know that they were from a different time slot/tv station so to watch him appear like that is like seeing an RTM proposing to TV3.Sadly, many stations came up with the same idea so i am not sure if these proposal were for real later on.

Owh Aisyah dear…that guy seriously reminds me of Barney: How I met Your Mother – lah! hehe

Thats all for now.. .

* Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese friends btw (Yes! You Joanne, Erica, Li Ying & whoever reads this blog hoho)

p/s: currently doing my assignment, finally get something to write after days of writer’s block. sigh. i seriously need a break…


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