Signs : I need a break!!!

1) Woke up getting ready to class, only to realize that you miss the class because you read the wrong schedule.

2) Wear mostly cloth that you don’t have to iron every day

3) Set your alarm clock for a 30 minutes nap and whining for a 5 minutes more time to wake up.

4) Completely doze off the minute you land on the pillow and the next thing you know, you are dreaming about beaches!!!

…..and the ultimate signs

5) Struggling so hard not to fall asleep but end up to fall asleep – and yourself sitting at the  front seat in a lecture!!

(I’m so thankful to have such a considerate lecturer, he actually smiled and pretend he didn’t see me doze off when i woke up! Fewh~~~)

* * *


Its semester break tomorrow, unfortunately…i have mid term exam to prepare which will take place right after the sem break

(thank you so much for the 100 page of article to prepare on! )

and before i get even more busy, i will be finishing of most of my essays & script hopefully in the sem break

because, i have a one week shooting – again after the sem break.

and by the time i am done with the editing


its Impact Week (final year project showcase)

which in any way i am in charged of finding sponsors (any sponsors interested to fund us? hoho)

and when that’s done…


its exam time again

[May – July]

my internship starts …

I NEED A BREAK….!!!!!!!

* * *

De-stressing moment:

Sekian Berita Terkini

No Fun!!



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