Nicol David – Star Struck!

I was on my way back to my hostel until I came across a group of people hanging out nearby the  Nasi Kandar restaurant.

One of them looked like my friend so i thought of saying Hi to my friend until i realize that its not her.

But then after i have pass by her, i realize that it was actually Nicol David! LOL!

To Nicol,

Sorry for not saying Hi or at least asked for your autograph since you were almost like ready to greet me coming towards you only to realize that i change my mind and turn away from you. No wonder you look puzzled, i was puzzled too to be honest haha.

But, really it never come across my mind that it was you actually since i got so used to my friends face. Almost called her name instead of your name. Could have been very embarrassing moment right there.

Serena, her name. Strange, the first time i saw her, i was almost certain it was Nicol. But the first time i saw Nicol in person, i was almost certain it was Serena. haha

Here’s a pic of Serena who looks like you, wasn’t trying to be rude to you with such attitude you know. By the time I realize that, i was too far away to turn around. So, if you come across this post, apologies from me =P

p/s: Serena..sorry for illegally promoting you in front of 6000 blog viewers hehe


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