Aika’s homestay in Malaysia

This is Aika Nakagawa & her family where i stayed with during a cultural visit to Nihon Fukushi University, Nagoya, Japan in 2007. It was a  10 day visit which include a two days homestay program with a Japanese family as our host.

So, in return , Aika finally get the chance to visit Malaysia and come to my house for homestay.  She worked hard for the next 3 years and did  a part time job to get here so it really means a lot to me to receive her as my guest.

She stayed for 4 days which by the time she arrives and went back to Japan, she actually have two days to tour around Penang. So, we went to what was known as Jalan Harmony  whereby one road have about 4 different monument from4 religion, Islam (Kapitan Mosque) , Christian, Chinese & Hindu Temple which happen to be the main religion in Malaysia.

After that, we brought her to Batek Factory and drop by the Feringghi beach for some pictures before heading towards Queensbay Mall which is the main reason she is here for after she looked kinda bored with the places i showed her LOL!

Anyway here’s 10 thing about her that I notice during her stay:

1) My first advice to her was to always be alert on the road esp in Penang, never ever expect any vehicle to stop and give way when you cross up to an extent that she have to look both way on a one way road. But she was confident to expect the drivers will behave the  same situation in Japan that I had to continuously grab her hand every time we walk and cross the road.

2) Roti Canai is definitely her fave food, most of the breakfast she will pick is Roti Canai with Dhal sauce since her first curry was a bit too spicy for her.

3) Roti Tisu in Kayu Nasi Kandar is the best way to impress her since its the tallest bread ever made that even when she is already full,she still have room for it.

4) Cendol, she likes the taste & ice but finds the green thing as – scary! However, Rojak, jambu, Air Kelapa and anything with a medium taste is her least fave but she likes the variety fruit juice in Malaysia the most esp Pineapple Juice.

5) Laksa Sarawak compared to Laksa Johor, she prefers Laksa Sarawak which is a bit spicy than Laksa Johor. Meaning,her level of spicy is a medium spicy

6) Talking about spicy, she first thought that to eat Tom Yam is by drinking from the bowl like the Miso Soup before I managed to stop her from being shocked by the spiciness of Tom Yam. Owh she love Tom Yam so much that she bought Maggi Tom Yam back home haha

7) With her being used to Miso Soup everyday, its no surprise that she prefers soupy food compared to fried ones, a really healthy diet person, so foods like ,Tom Yam, Steam Boat & all should be on the list at least once a day with less rice because she is not used to Malaysian rice.

8) She will only buy on the first thing that catch her eyes (plus ‘kawaaii’ @ cute things only) despite my suggestion as a typical Malaysia to look around first to get the best bargain. Calculator & electronic dictionary is a must gadget by her side.

9) Surprised to see a lot of Japanese restaurant in Malaysia what more the price for shopping esp when I mention about the movie ticket price which cost RM5 in Malaysia but RM55 in Japan

10) More surprised to see a lot of Malaysians prefers to eat outside when in Japan, its rather expensive so they only eat outside for special occasions only so whoever eats outside often means they are rich. Couldn’t help to laugh when she ask why I don’t bring lunch box to cafe before explaining more about the living cost in Malaysia compared to Japan. hehe
p/s: she loves Kerang Bakar since its not available in Japan hehe

* * *

Overall, she loves Malaysia and hope to come back again, this time longer & I’ll make sure she have a taste of Durian as well since that there weren’t Durian available anywhere at this time.

*sigh* I miss her already 😦


To Vitamin S complex =P

Dear Vitamin S Complex,

It took me 17 years to find a friend like you and another  7 good years since we became friends,  through out those times we both seen the best and the worst of each other.

Though we may not have much time to spend with, or know much about each others updates, but we both know too well that we will always be there for each other.

I am actually out of words to tell you how special you are to me, because by now, there’s just not enough words or no words at all to describe someone as good as you.

So, here’s a little something i made (with a little help from the world wide web), which i hope will tell the rest about what this post meant for.

p/s: its a pity that the gift i bought for you got ‘lost’ in the postage, so mum..can i post myself instead as a gift? 😛

HAPPY BIRTHDAY…!!!!!!!   (“,)

Who is this person?

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Writer’s block – again…

Ok ok i admit that the only reason i am posting up nonsense is because i have a writer’s block. hehe

Will write again when i have something to write ok.

For now, enjoy this video:

And no, i am not getting married or whatever you are thinking.

I just came across this while watching Ellen recently and find it rather sweet so i got addicted watching marriage proposal by many people on youtube. But her expression was priceless which I later know that they were from a different time slot/tv station so to watch him appear like that is like seeing an RTM proposing to TV3.Sadly, many stations came up with the same idea so i am not sure if these proposal were for real later on.

Owh Aisyah dear…that guy seriously reminds me of Barney: How I met Your Mother – lah! hehe

Thats all for now.. .

* Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese friends btw (Yes! You Joanne, Erica, Li Ying & whoever reads this blog hoho)

p/s: currently doing my assignment, finally get something to write after days of writer’s block. sigh. i seriously need a break…

Signs : I need a break!!!

1) Woke up getting ready to class, only to realize that you miss the class because you read the wrong schedule.

2) Wear mostly cloth that you don’t have to iron every day

3) Set your alarm clock for a 30 minutes nap and whining for a 5 minutes more time to wake up.

4) Completely doze off the minute you land on the pillow and the next thing you know, you are dreaming about beaches!!!

…..and the ultimate signs

5) Struggling so hard not to fall asleep but end up to fall asleep – and yourself sitting at the  front seat in a lecture!!

(I’m so thankful to have such a considerate lecturer, he actually smiled and pretend he didn’t see me doze off when i woke up! Fewh~~~)

* * *


Its semester break tomorrow, unfortunately…i have mid term exam to prepare which will take place right after the sem break

(thank you so much for the 100 page of article to prepare on! )

and before i get even more busy, i will be finishing of most of my essays & script hopefully in the sem break

because, i have a one week shooting – again after the sem break.

and by the time i am done with the editing


its Impact Week (final year project showcase)

which in any way i am in charged of finding sponsors (any sponsors interested to fund us? hoho)

and when that’s done…


its exam time again

[May – July]

my internship starts …

I NEED A BREAK….!!!!!!!

* * *

De-stressing moment:

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