Officially BUSY!!

I wish I have as many hand to finish this:

1) Minor assignment – but not so minor assignment anymore with 3 set of essays to be done.

~  Government & Politic of Malaysia

~ South East Asia Politic

~ Public Policy

2) Major assignment – major indeed now that these needs to be done:

* Radio production

– group work, will be teaming with a  new group  so I hope we will be teaming well despite our differences.

* Tv Production

– documentary/drama/music video to be done with, probably staying with the same group.

* Script Writing

– After a thorough thinking, I decided to write it myself the 60 pages alone since my style of writing and ideas is rather complicated haha. Been working on that script since my first year but too busy to complete it so hopefully this will be a good reason for me to really complete it. Hey, some  scripts takes years to complete before they can be filmed ok ! hehe (alasan!)

* Impact Week

– Final year project showcase, though its 3 month away but the work starts now.  Planning something in between that week so hopefully once its approved everything will turn out well. As for now, will be kept secret until its ready to be revealed.

*  *  *

God, please give me strength. Amin.


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