3 Idiots *spoiler alert*

Completely an unexpected bollywood movie that would actually go away from typical love story spices and made people (audience) think!! (Well at least I did haha)

If it wasn’t bcoz PAA movie wont be showing in Penang, I think I would have regretted that I didn’t go and watch this movie when it was released (seriously buying the DVD – original, not for loan )

I was a bit skeptical at first esp with the trailer but oh well,why not try and see for myself how ‘idiotic’ the movie be esp with Amir Khan in it, I know that I wont be watching craps since he practically have change the type of character he plays nowadays. (e.g Tara Zameen Par, Faana )

So, even being the only malay watching that movie among the few indians in the cinema, I didn’t really bother much since Im with my partner in crime to watch it together (you-know-who-RAKAN!!).

Curiously waiting for Amir Khan character to be introduced, came a familiar figure but with extra pounds bigger than I used to see him in Tamil movies. MADHAVAN…!!! ok! THE Madhavan…!!! OMG!!! How in the world I did not recognize him in the trailer??? I would have line up the first row if I knew that it was him. Hoho.

Ok ok..here’s what the story is actually about.Its about Rancho (Amir Khan) who enrolled on the top engineering college who pretty much change the way his friends Raju & Farhan (Madhavan) thinks about study,life & world itself.

Rancho was the relax kind of student who came to study for the sake of learning while others studies for the sake of exam, money, getting good grades, good job etc. Even though he is quite a rascal along with his two best friends , he end up being the top at every exam (which pretty much annoys the director).

What’s interesting about him was that he always have a way in explaining things in his own point of view. Like how the education system nowadays is more like a factory rather than a place for knowledge, people racing for material instead living it bla3x.

So much so that the director of the college decided to let him teach for one day to prove that he can teach better than the professor’s there. One interesting method he use was to first give a terminolgy:

Farhaneite Perajulization (not sure the exact word) randomly chosen from an engineering dictionary in front him and gave everyone 30 seconds to find out what the term means. So, everyone was flipping their book to find that word and end up finding none (including the director was clueless)

So he goes by questioning what actually they felt when finding that term. Were they curious to know what it is, had some kind of passion of finding out (not bcoz he told them or being the first to know what it means etc).


Everyone was ‘racing’ to be the best, the ‘first’ and not actually ‘learning’ anything which he made a point on the  state of the present education system. In the end, he said that, he was not teaching but showing how to teach before running off so that the director cannot catch him hehe

Bcoz..that term was actually..a combination of a made up name of his best friends..

FARHAN-eite  Pe-RAJU-lization ;P

Through out the story, he pretty much touched people’s heart and change many people until they have graduated and went missing (nobody knows where he is). So, his best friend..Raju & Farhan went searching for him together with his girlfriend (then). So, ok, there might be a bit love story (its a bollywood movie anyway,right?)

But all in all, I like these three things he managed remind myself about what I almost forgot about:

1) Don’t chase for success,instead let success chase you instead. Stop running/chasing the world but enjoy it while we have it, smell the flower 🙂

2) Get your degree etc for the sake of learning & passion for knowledge coz when we turn our passion as work then we will be able to enjoy whatever we are doing no matter how bad it is.

3) The only thing that makes people fail in exams is fear (of not getting a job,marks going down,etc) so fear nothing by ‘tricking’ your heart & mind in a way that will make us be brave in achieving what we actually want in life.

Thank to you 3 Idiots..you’ve made my day esp Madhavan ehehhehe..owh and special thanks to ‘Miss Herbie’ @ RAKAN for accompanying my craze eheh i told u its worth watching,aite? 😛

p/s: anyone know any torrent place to download this one – with english subtitle?

Aaall izzz Wellll…

Zoooba da ba param pa…



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