Happy 2010 & 1431 Hijra Everyone :)

Hurm..don’t really have a resolution, guess the same resolution ive always wish every year – may it be better than last year for everyone (“,)

Anyway, ive got 3 videos to show you all :

First video:

My neighbour’s cat that i happen to take care for a few days until she comes back from her holiday.

Call her Orange and quite a friendly cat as well, I even talk to her to welcome her to the house in case she’s scared LOL!

So, this video was taken out of my parents endless  request since this cat knows how to unlock its cage by herself.


Second Video:

Is by Alexander The Phatos , one of them is a friend of mine and he’s pretty awesome  composer  to be able to get this piece together with all the Er Hu, Violin all together. Nice huh? They are competing for the VIMA 2010 or Voice Independent Music Awards along with all the big name in the running so I wish them all the best. For those who have Facebook, add them here: ATP

Produced By Adifarhud.Azreen.H.Yakuza.
PinkBerry Yun for Phatosism(2010)
Lyrics By Mr.Anas.Adifarhud
Erhu by PinkBerry Yun
Backup Vocals/Choral Azreen.H.Yakuza,Cecilia Wong,Lisuang Kam & Shi Wen
Choir Composition by Azreen.H.Yakuza
Electric Guitar By Mohd Faisal.Mohd Fahmi.
Piano/Violin loops/String Quartet composition by Adifarhud
Mixed by Illegal (Platinum Studios)

Last video:

Awaken by Maher Zain , as you all know, I rarely listen to nasyeed so this one is an exeception, should listen to other tracks also so look around in YouTube ok! Thanks to AlongDi for introducing this song , to be exact it was kak Izzah who kept playing his song hehe thanks to both.

May this be a wake up call for those who is still ‘sleeping’..wake up everyone, prove that we can outdo those before us  (“,)

“Yes it’s easy to blame everything on the west. When in fact all focus should be on ourselves”

:: Word Of The Day ::


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