A reunion to remember :)

After 15 years!!!!  Finally we meet again. My primary school mates they are the only few among the few i remember till now.

Except one haha sorry Zana,  i still can’t remember you but i hope this will be a start for me to know you again , maybe then my memory will recover lol! (macam hilang ingatan lah pulak!)

It seems like yesterday we were in school with all those big bulky bags & that fierce teacher. Cikgu Zaleha rupanya nama dia,gila garang kena marah dengan dia pasal homework *censored* hoho

I still can hear the roar of the crowd during the school competition: Rumah Merah, Kuning (HIDUP KUNING!) , Hijau, Biru. hehe

The smell of the breeze, that big tree nearby the field, remember? Such a nice shade to sit under it,right?

The school van fetching us, the waves of goodbye when the school ends

The usm badge Cikgu Haliza a.k.a mother of the twin syahida & syamila, and hey…i still remember Rita & Riza’s tocang! lol!

Joanne and her plumpy cheek, with that blue prefect and her tie (gila kuasa rupanya dia sampai pakai dua badge jadi ketua darjah at the same time haha)

And  hazrina, the all time ketua darjah  hehe

And yes, i remember how you all jump by the sight of me coming back to that school again after i left for almost a year that time: “Sakiinaaaah!!!!”  lol! Miss that moment *smile*

And all this, thanks to Facebook lol!

* May we meet again, this time ‘reunion holiday trip’ (cuti2 Malaysia sudah hahaha)


lovely :)

I searched for God among the Christians and on the Cross and therein I found Him not.
I went into the ancient temples of idolatry; no trace of Him was there.
I entered the mountain cave of Hira and then went as far as Qandhar but God I found not.
With set purpose I fared to the summit of Mount Caucasus and found there only ‘anqa’s habitation.
Then I directed my search to the Kaaba, the resort of old and young; God was not there even.
Turning to philosophy I inquired about him from ibn Sina but found Him not within his range.
I fared then to the scene of the Prophet’s experience of a great divine manifestation only a “two bow-lengths’ distance from him” but God was not there even in that exalted court.
Finally, I looked into my own heart and there I saw Him; He was nowhere else.

– Jalaludin Al Rumi-



The Project:

The Wake Up Project is a website & a movement, created to give each of you the opportunity to make your voice heard. Together we can all influence positive and uniting change. Our team is lead by a group of talented and aspiring directors, media developers, animators, composers, internet moderators, and network and community leaders, committed to use their talents towards our constructive goals and objectives.


To create powerful and meaningful films and multimedia projects, aimed at increasing positive change, social awareness and cross-cultural understanding. Their influence is to be positive, constructive, inspirational, and appealing to a global audience.

Officially BUSY!!

I wish I have as many hand to finish this:

1) Minor assignment – but not so minor assignment anymore with 3 set of essays to be done.

~  Government & Politic of Malaysia

~ South East Asia Politic

~ Public Policy

2) Major assignment – major indeed now that these needs to be done:

* Radio production

– group work, will be teaming with a  new group  so I hope we will be teaming well despite our differences.

* Tv Production

– documentary/drama/music video to be done with, probably staying with the same group.

* Script Writing

– After a thorough thinking, I decided to write it myself the 60 pages alone since my style of writing and ideas is rather complicated haha. Been working on that script since my first year but too busy to complete it so hopefully this will be a good reason for me to really complete it. Hey, some  scripts takes years to complete before they can be filmed ok ! hehe (alasan!)

* Impact Week

– Final year project showcase, though its 3 month away but the work starts now.  Planning something in between that week so hopefully once its approved everything will turn out well. As for now, will be kept secret until its ready to be revealed.

*  *  *

God, please give me strength. Amin.

3 Idiots *spoiler alert*

Completely an unexpected bollywood movie that would actually go away from typical love story spices and made people (audience) think!! (Well at least I did haha)

If it wasn’t bcoz PAA movie wont be showing in Penang, I think I would have regretted that I didn’t go and watch this movie when it was released (seriously buying the DVD – original, not for loan )

I was a bit skeptical at first esp with the trailer but oh well,why not try and see for myself how ‘idiotic’ the movie be esp with Amir Khan in it, I know that I wont be watching craps since he practically have change the type of character he plays nowadays. (e.g Tara Zameen Par, Faana )

So, even being the only malay watching that movie among the few indians in the cinema, I didn’t really bother much since Im with my partner in crime to watch it together (you-know-who-RAKAN!!).

Curiously waiting for Amir Khan character to be introduced, came a familiar figure but with extra pounds bigger than I used to see him in Tamil movies. MADHAVAN…!!! ok! THE Madhavan…!!! OMG!!! How in the world I did not recognize him in the trailer??? I would have line up the first row if I knew that it was him. Hoho.

Ok ok..here’s what the story is actually about.Its about Rancho (Amir Khan) who enrolled on the top engineering college who pretty much change the way his friends Raju & Farhan (Madhavan) thinks about study,life & world itself.

Rancho was the relax kind of student who came to study for the sake of learning while others studies for the sake of exam, money, getting good grades, good job etc. Even though he is quite a rascal along with his two best friends , he end up being the top at every exam (which pretty much annoys the director).

What’s interesting about him was that he always have a way in explaining things in his own point of view. Like how the education system nowadays is more like a factory rather than a place for knowledge, people racing for material instead living it bla3x.

So much so that the director of the college decided to let him teach for one day to prove that he can teach better than the professor’s there. One interesting method he use was to first give a terminolgy:

Farhaneite Perajulization (not sure the exact word) randomly chosen from an engineering dictionary in front him and gave everyone 30 seconds to find out what the term means. So, everyone was flipping their book to find that word and end up finding none (including the director was clueless)

So he goes by questioning what actually they felt when finding that term. Were they curious to know what it is, had some kind of passion of finding out (not bcoz he told them or being the first to know what it means etc).


Everyone was ‘racing’ to be the best, the ‘first’ and not actually ‘learning’ anything which he made a point on the  state of the present education system. In the end, he said that, he was not teaching but showing how to teach before running off so that the director cannot catch him hehe

Bcoz..that term was actually..a combination of a made up name of his best friends..

FARHAN-eite  Pe-RAJU-lization ;P

Through out the story, he pretty much touched people’s heart and change many people until they have graduated and went missing (nobody knows where he is). So, his best friend..Raju & Farhan went searching for him together with his girlfriend (then). So, ok, there might be a bit love story (its a bollywood movie anyway,right?)

But all in all, I like these three things he managed remind myself about what I almost forgot about:

1) Don’t chase for success,instead let success chase you instead. Stop running/chasing the world but enjoy it while we have it, smell the flower 🙂

2) Get your degree etc for the sake of learning & passion for knowledge coz when we turn our passion as work then we will be able to enjoy whatever we are doing no matter how bad it is.

3) The only thing that makes people fail in exams is fear (of not getting a job,marks going down,etc) so fear nothing by ‘tricking’ your heart & mind in a way that will make us be brave in achieving what we actually want in life.

Thank to you 3 Idiots..you’ve made my day esp Madhavan ehehhehe..owh and special thanks to ‘Miss Herbie’ @ RAKAN for accompanying my craze eheh i told u its worth watching,aite? 😛

p/s: anyone know any torrent place to download this one – with english subtitle?

Aaall izzz Wellll…

Zoooba da ba param pa…


Happy 2010 & 1431 Hijra Everyone :)

Hurm..don’t really have a resolution, guess the same resolution ive always wish every year – may it be better than last year for everyone (“,)

Anyway, ive got 3 videos to show you all :

First video:

My neighbour’s cat that i happen to take care for a few days until she comes back from her holiday.

Call her Orange and quite a friendly cat as well, I even talk to her to welcome her to the house in case she’s scared LOL!

So, this video was taken out of my parents endless  request since this cat knows how to unlock its cage by herself.


Second Video:

Is by Alexander The Phatos , one of them is a friend of mine and he’s pretty awesome  composer  to be able to get this piece together with all the Er Hu, Violin all together. Nice huh? They are competing for the VIMA 2010 or Voice Independent Music Awards along with all the big name in the running so I wish them all the best. For those who have Facebook, add them here: ATP

Produced By Adifarhud.Azreen.H.Yakuza.
PinkBerry Yun for Phatosism(2010)
Lyrics By Mr.Anas.Adifarhud
Erhu by PinkBerry Yun
Backup Vocals/Choral Azreen.H.Yakuza,Cecilia Wong,Lisuang Kam & Shi Wen
Choir Composition by Azreen.H.Yakuza
Electric Guitar By Mohd Faisal.Mohd Fahmi.
Piano/Violin loops/String Quartet composition by Adifarhud
Mixed by Illegal (Platinum Studios)

Last video:

Awaken by Maher Zain , as you all know, I rarely listen to nasyeed so this one is an exeception, should listen to other tracks also so look around in YouTube ok! Thanks to AlongDi for introducing this song , to be exact it was kak Izzah who kept playing his song hehe thanks to both.

May this be a wake up call for those who is still ‘sleeping’..wake up everyone, prove that we can outdo those before us  (“,)

“Yes it’s easy to blame everything on the west. When in fact all focus should be on ourselves”

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