Situations when I wish I am really 13 and not 23 *sigh*

Age 17 -20:

Situation 1:

* Whenever my parents friends / colleague greets (and even students!)

“ What Year are you in now?”


(Sometime I will ask them to guess first, i would be lucky if they think i am 17 *sigh*)

Situation 2:

* Parents paying an extra buffet for me at a hotel, bil goes:

Children…RM xx xx

Me talking to my mum: “Mum…its…”

Mum: “Shhh…”

Age 21 – 22 :

Situation 1:

Ryan Air, free seating, I decided to sit near the door, a stewardess ask me:

“ How old are you?”

“Err..22, why?”

(Long pause)

“ You have to be at least 18 to sit there, enjoy your flight”

Situation 2:

Location: Coffee bean

Cashier: “ Is it school holiday already?”

Me: “Err….… how should I know, I am a university student”

Situation 3:

Location: Flight to Germany

Steward: “Where are you going……”

Me: “ I am on my semester break …bla3x…”

Steward: “Owh, I thought you’ve just finish your high school or something”

Age 23 (Now)

Situation 1:

Location: Cinema

Cashier: Three tickets for children?

(One of us brings out her student card)

Cashier: What..?? You are ADULT..???


Situation 2 – TODAY!!:

Location: Cinema

Cashier: Tickets?

(2 brings Student card , 1 forgot to bring)

Cashier: Make sure the third one is 18 and above

(points to one of us)

Me: Why? Don’t look 18 eh?

Cashier: No, you look young


Location: Mall

High school kids on the bench checking out girls goes….


“I am 23 you @#$%^&*!!!”


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