It have been my fave song of all time.

Sang it since i was small, you can asky my family how much i adore this song.

* don’t anyone dare to reveal it here!!!*

Anyway, it seems that there have been remakes of this song (originally by Search)

The first video , i heard this new remake by ST 12 when i was in Surabaya.

It was playing all day on the radio (And my head).

Looked it up on YouTube and find none…until i realize few weeks later that its actually ST 12 instead of  SP 12.

I really really hate it when i hear a song, that i don’t know who sang it, and the song will haunt me forever in my head.

So i was pretty relieved that i don’t have to carry this song everywhere in my head.

Still i have another song stuck in my head, so hopefully i get to find that song one day. Sigh

As for the second video is from Joe Flizzow (former Too Phat) and it was quite good.

But the third one, who can forget this awesome collaboration by Saleem,Jamal & Zamani (tho im not a fan of  Zamani)

The last one is the original version, and i love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  it..!!!



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