Quick Synopsis:

1) Went there 4- 7 December to my Grandmother’s late first brother – grand daughter wedding a.k.a my second cousin. Its been a while since any of our family visited them so my Mak Ngah decided to bring the third generation – us: me, my bro, two cousin from my mom’s siblings and another married cousin for their last grand daughter wedding.

2) Thanks to Mak Ngah’s Enrich card point, we get to taste our first business class experience on MAS hoho. Loves the biz lounge tho the lounge in Indonesia wasn’t as good as Malaysia.

3) Fetched by Jerry, second grandson at the airport, arrive at the house and had dinner with Indonesian food that we just can’t remember the name. Was quite full from the flight food, had a few chat and turn out that we miss the ‘Adat Bersiram’ where the bride & groom were separately taken to have a shower to symbolically clean themselves from any bad things.

4) The ceremony would have taken 3days 3 nights but some of the rituals have been skipped such as the introducing part where the bride and groom will introduce their family members without eating anything. By now, that would have take ages to introduce what more gather relatives around since many of them have got married and live separately and spread out everywhere (esp us in Malaysia??)

5)The marriage was done step by step, full of culture still preserved strongly,among the steps i remember is:

* The groom comes in with all the gifts, step by step being introduce by the MC before a representative informs the reason of them coming to ask the hand for marriage, received by the bride’s representative with several ‘Jawa Pantun’ @Rhymes in Java language thatwe don’t understand.

* Step by step, the groom goes to the bride’s family side and brought to a table where the ‘akad nikah’ @the marriage ceremony will be done. Recitation from Quran were made before the akad begins, amazingly both the Wali & The Groom did their akad so quick that we only know its over when everyone put up their hand for the Du’a. The groom said it in 25 seconds!! Fewh~~

* The groom comes in the house where the ‘pelamin’ located – not really a pelamin but a well carved wood for background where they can use that again as house decoration, they exchange rings use as Mahr and ‘Sejadah’ if  im not mistaken before going back to their room to change their dress for the ‘Bersanding’ part.

* Before the ‘bersanding’ ,  the grooms will again come in from the front door with his family and then walks towards the bride to throw something (flower perhaps) , the bride will wash the groom’s feet with water full of flower on a plate full of flowers and an egg in the middle before entering the house

* The groom will pour a beg full of flower onto the bride’s beg , ‘Pulut kunyit’ will be given to the bride and groom, they will exchange several scoops before both bride and groom kneel down and ask for the parents blessings

*Family & guest invited will line up to congratulate the married couple, they will only eat after all the guest finished greeting, imagine, standing for 2-3 hours just to greet the guest before you can actually eat!

* This is just one out of 3 wedding ceremony, another wedding ceremony were made at a ‘Gedung’ @ Hall for close family and close friends, despite thatthe seat was separately made where one side is for the family while the other are for friends. There weren’t a lot of table like the usual banquet, most of the guet esp friends will be standing and mingle around instead while the family will sit down on chairs available. The last wedding ceremony is for the neighbours at the bride house, all of the wedding cost will be shared by both family and done only at that time, no other wedding will be made at the groom side. hoho. Think of a Surabayan,anyone? =P

6) Here’s some family lineage to remeber (thank God they only have 2 @ 3 children!)

* Mahmudi Dimyati @ Kaslam (Granny’s first brother) married a Surabayan

* Ibu Sri & Ibu Nur – their daugther

* Ibu Sri = 3 children ( Dewi,Jerry,Ratna – the bride)

Dewi = 1 daugther – > Auralia

Jerry = Married Winda, now pregnant 4 month

Ratna = Just got married

* Ibu Nur = 2 Children ( 1 son, 1 daugther called Cinta)

~~> can’t remeber the son name..too long!!

# Budi = Adopted ..not sure which one’s son huhu

7) Went to visit the Mud Volcano which was accidentally found during an oil excavation, many people died during the event, they now built some sort of fort to prevent the mud from flowing out, turn out to look like a sea of hot water by now. Surabaya is sure hotter than Malaysia.

8) The traffic jam in Surabaya aren’t as bad as in Jakarta, tho its hectic and full of motorist but we never come across any accident proved how skilled the people who drives there. I avoided from looking at how our driver drives the car long time ago huhu

9) Had fun shopping batik but the best part was eating lunch ‘Ayam Kampung Goreng’ @ fried free range chicken &  ‘Ayam Bakar’ @ Roasted Chicken at Primarasa franchised chain. We ate two whole chicken in 10 minutes!! KFC & McD could never match the taste esp with the ‘Sambal’ @ spicy sauce. Finger lickin good that we went there again for dinner..!!! Another chain worth eating is Resto Surhyati but we settled for Primarasa first when we were searching for Surhyati Resto that Mak Ngah once had.

*CAUTION: Drink ‘Susu Cola’ @ Cola Milk at your own risk esp if you have diabeties – Forgetit, your sugar level will rise to the max!!

10) Had our last Indonesian meal at the airport before departing, found a menu called Tom & Jerry Juice @ Tomato & ‘Jeruk’ /pickle Juice – dare not drink! Careful with the driver, might get overcharged if we didn’t found out early from the Surabaya relatives there,  almost took RM150 per day more than the agreed price.


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