I was contemplating to watch this actually due to my own reason.

Since I had to watch it with my bro in law and all. So, i guess there’s no escape.

As expected it is not up to my expectation. Well, who am I to complain,right?

For obvious reason, its just another propaganda of the so-called ‘Global Warming’.

Explains everything on the Kyoto Protocol, triggering panic like this esp through the media makes it more influential to get the message around the globe.

I am not denying that there is such climate change but as we know, every destruction comes from the hand of the humans itself. Conserving may be one of the alternative but the production and people behind these production is what we have to think of.

Green or not, its just another way of capitalism. Enough said, Google it to  find your answer. So, without talking more on that ‘sakit kepala‘ issue which im sure not everyone wants to know or rather ignore it. Here’s why I don’t like the movie so Director’s , keep note because not everyone like your movie and other commercial movie that you are capitalizing on. Sigh. What happens to all the good movies..????

1) Full of propaganda as if we can escape Dooms Day

2) The CGI was brilliant, I agree on that but really, for 6 ‘Arch’ (and why does it seem so familiar with Noah Ark??)  to be able to survive that massive destruction. Whoa! That is so beyond our power, even Titanic couldn’t save itself from a small iceberg, what more Everest?

3)The famous quote itself:

The moment we stop fighting for each other, that’s the moment we lose our humanity.

Since when does ‘fighting’ considered ‘humane’ ..??? I guess its a ‘nature’ that they want us to believe because as long as we never stop fighting, we’ll never been human.This is what ‘Mythologies’ by Barthes was talking about on the underlying meanings.

4) The plot itself, observe, two particular political figure did not board the ship. As brave it may seem to be, its not a surprise why they made it in such a way that these two figures chose not to board the ship.

5) I hated the part when the Big Wealthy Arabs board the ship especially when the camera focus on them passing by to board the ship while the script goes something like they choose who to board the ship, who have the money etc etc. Obviously we know what religion does these Arabs embrace and the fact that they board the ships while other religious figure did not, that is some dangerous issue if people were to realize that.

6) The main character family went of to find that ship but did not warn others,so does that scientist who only did that at the very last minute. Plus they only finally open the gate at the very last minute which obviously only the big rich people board it and as far as i am concerned, these people have nothing anymore by the time all the other people died that day.

7) The moment the President said, “Our scientist have discovered” (referring as if the Americans found it) when the fact is the Indian scientist found out about it and again, India did not survive the destruction. They only revealed that fact when the scientist desperately tries to persuade the Prime Minister’s from all over the world to let in all the people stranded outside.

8] There is Prime Minister’s from 49 countries boarding that ship and only 4 so-called veto & owh so good and noble to vote that these people should be let in. Funny and obviously Malaysia was not one of them haha

9) As they say,

I never believe we could make this ship on time and only the Chinese can make such ship “

Just like most of the things in America is “Made In China” so does their ship hoho. In a way, it implies that the only reason they choose China to make that ship bcoz the workers are cheap.  Simple. Capitalism wins again everyone.

10) The ending. With such massive destruction, do you reckon we can escape ‘Qiyamat’ ? As i previously wrote elsewhere (oops!)  its the ‘faith’ that matters. We’ll never know when we are going to die, even with such advance technology will never save us from dying. Why bother going against what have already been written on our fate?

To muslims,i hope this movie will not make you believe on such thing mentioned in this movie , instead the believe to The All Knower because regardless what happens, its to Him we should believe on – not the date because no one will ever know when,where and how the Qiyamat will take place. Despite all, this movie almost made me cry thinking of the Qiyamat (not bcoz of the special effect and all). So, i guess its a good way of reflecting ourselves  as  a reminder.


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