Najwa & Nik Firdaus Wedding ~ 06-11-09

*The rest will be uploaded later

Synopsis of the wedding:

– Mas Kahwin/Dowry: 1 Gold Dinar. Mine?hurm…negotiate with my parents LOL!

– The Groom cried after the ‘akad nikah’. hehe

– It was very awkward at the moment since its our first time hosting a wedding on our side so we didn’t have much experience to know what to do next. Thanks to Tok Tam & Mak Teh for guiding the ceremony.

– The web conference was between the couple & my brother, Adam who could not make it to the wedding since he is currently studying in Sheffield.

– Besides managing the Door gift, I was also snapping pictures & taking video at the same time. Gosh.. i wish I have DSLR (attention:mum) hehe and also a new external hard disk to transfer all the video file filling up my lappie space already. sigh. Sorry again for the shaky video.

– Thanks to all relatives helping from both side of Perlis & Johor, also to all the guest who came endlessly.

– Elsie & Niena for helping out as ‘Dayang2’ of the day to give out the door gift.

-Photographer by Matt Mashi (this is not his photo yet, his photo will be uploaded when its ready)

– To Wanie, you will definitely be my bridesmaid so you have no excuse not to be able to come anymore. hoho

– Selamat Pengantin Baru from me, consider this as my wedding gift to you both instead (“,)


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