Dedicated To Kak Lang: A Special Post For Your Special Day (“,)

Finally,my sister is getting married this 6 November 2009 . Somehow I find it hard to believe the fact that she is getting married. The sister that I shared my room, fight with her, moved to another room because we can’t stand each others tantrum, the sister that I moved back to sharing room together after we kinda can stand each other for at least 2 weeks before we throw tantrums to each other again.

It was strange when my brother told me that I would be the one she bullies when we were small that out of nowhere I will have a bite mark on me but never say a thing. But when I grow up, I was the one who bullies her at least not by leaving a bite mark but usually nasty words and endless shouts at each other which some words I regret saying it but was too ego to apologize since that it was said out of anger but not really what I mean.

I remember how we shared a dream together despite our differences, to open a cyber cafe with some part reserved for a mini café so that people can eat while they are on the computer. I remember how she tricked me thinking that she will secretly break the fast with me that I end up to break it. And many other secrets I cannot tell.hoho

As we grow up, after my little brother Adam, she was the least I would be spending time together. Never I could imagine that the fights we had was the most time we spend time together – fighting. Strange but we miss that kind of fights that we would purposely try to fight with each other again but never did.

We fight less at least and somehow we could talk when before we could never do that at least not in a peaceful way. I guess now is the time where we make peace after the endless wars we had. Perhaps it was good thing that she studied in Terengganu while I stayed in Penang. Though its kinda boring not to have someone to fight with when she is not around, but it made me appreciate her more than I did.

That’s why when I heard about her marriage, I feel somehow sad instead of happy like I felt when my brother is getting married. Perhaps because I will get a ‘new’ sister who will stay here but this time she is the one…….
Ouch..i think something got into my eyes.. =P

I don’t know why I feel like this, its not like im not going to see her forever but certainly it will be a bit different not to have her around like we used to. So, I hope that person who is marrying her better treat her right because I wont allow anyone to bully her except me =P

As for me, before anyone ask me the usual “Bila lagi?” question people love to ask when their siblings gets married. My answer is: Find me one, and I will. LOL. As for now I am happy to be single and lovin it!

So, to kak lang, if you are reading this, I can only pray for your happiness in your marriage because I don’t have money to buy you presents right now hehe money can’t buy happiness, right? right? Hoho



Selamat Pengantin Baru Najwa & Nik Firdaus (“,)


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