To make such fitna is considered as killing your own flesh and blood, but to claim that its a ‘fitna’ from others with God name alongside is seriously a bold thing to do. Aren’t you scared?????

You said that you were waiting for me to make my next move approaching people around you, the fact is i didn’t move a single step. You were the one who made the first step, just like you did before when your lies were discovered. I didn’t say anything, instead waited until i get my facts first before I discover it myself what you did.

They say:

“Nobody believes the official spokesman… but everybody trusts an unidentified source”

Well, I suggest that anyone who’s been listening to one side of story to hear both side of the story before you can get the full story. Else your report will be biased and who knows one day, someone will sue you for making such story?

One advice from me is to check your source first before you believe anything what ppl say as facts coz the fact is i’ve checked mine, did you?? Its up to you to believe anything that you want coz I still find it hard to believe until now.

You can think whatever you want of me because as i said before:

I don’t care what people think coz what God think of me is more important than what people think of me.

So to whom it may concern,  I don’t need to tell anyone about you coz whoever you’ve been telling lies to will find out the truth sooner or later. The truth will prevail and your just scared that people will discover your tracks huh? Cover all your lies  coz in the end nothing will cover you back when we meet again.

Its scary enough to see the warnings that was given from those before us when it comes to such situation and its even more scary that despite seeing that there are people who just ignore those warnings.

Please. Stop before its too late. Just bcoz i didn’t say anything about you doesn’t mean that you can say anything about me. Well, i don’t need to say anything about you anyway coz in the end, the body will speak itself and until that day, just enjoy the show (“,)


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