Remembering First Year

Its exam week and i am stressed, so i channel my stress into editing these old video that i recorded during my first year.

A compilation of our YKT 102 presentation where all of us acted on stage for our course work.

It sure was a moment to remember because that was the time when we actually ‘knew’ each other and deep down, no matter how much the pressure that our lecturer have given us on every assignment we did, we thank them for giving us a reason to come up with the ideas and performed our best,right?

Personally, i would like to thank Dr. Hamima for coming up with this idea for our assignment,  it was really a hard task since that most of us did not have any ‘acting’ skill. It was something what we call as our first time especially as first years. Too bad this course no longer assign their student to perform like this coz im sure it will give the same impact to them the way we did.

Anyway, thanks to my groupies: Ai Chen, Asrina,Linda,Sartini, Serene,Radhiah,..owh i think i can’t remember the last one already haha but anyway, thanks to all of you for making the best out of it, it was a pleasure to work with you all.

As for the last video, is a compilation of my orientation week when i first enter the university. Gosh, time sure flies and im already in my final year. hoho. I sure will miss this place when i graduate. To all my junior friends , good luck in your exam. May we all pass it with flying colours. Good luck in your graduation next year, i still have some things to settle before i graduate. Just taking my own sweet time before i put on that robe.

Good Luck!! (“,)


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