Spanish Movie Week Part 2


This is the scariest Spanish movie i have ever watched. I was surprised to see how they made this movie to be so scary with only a single match for example to make it so scary. Most of the audience was restless through out the movie and we were all stressed out to figure out who is the real killer.

Okay okay this movie is about Angela, who is doing her thesis (master/phd im not sure) in School of Mass Communication in a university (not in usm definitely!) . She was doing a research on violence on TV so she ask her supervisor to get some real violence video’s at the library since that he have the access.

So, the supervisor went there and found a stack of videos in a hidden underground basement at the archive. After he have watched the movie, he was found dead and Angela happens to drop by at the death scene and took the video that the supervisor watched.

She felt a bit reluctant though to watch the video fearing that whatever her supervisor have watched will be too violent that lead to his death. Finally, she watched the video with a classmate, Chema and was shocked to see that its a video of a mysterious guy torturing and killing by cutting a girl off to pieces whom Chema recognized to have been reported  missing last two year.

This act of filming was called as ‘Snuff‘ , whereby psycopath serial killer tend to record their victim’s suffering as they torture and kill their victim. How far these phenomenon goes , i don’t dare to think of it but as I googled, there are cases  of such Snuff movie which one of the famous known cases was done by Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka and they are really crazy killer couple !!

Ok ok back to the movie..

As the story goes, they met a former classmate of Vanessa (the missing girl) , Bosco and his girlfriend who doubted that Vanessa ran away with a guy. So, Angela pretended to make a research of Vanessa and made a video interview with Bosco.

By then, it turn out that the new lecturer who took over as her supervisor could be the murderer along with Bosco also as a suspect. In the end, Chema was also a suspect since that he was also Vanessa’s class mate that things got so complicated we couldn’t figure out the real killer.

Everything was so tensed that it was until the end of the movie, we finally felt relieved to know the real killer.  From wikipedia, the movie received numerous award in Europe and with only a small budget and camera trick to create a certain scene that seemed so real, the film maker managed to put it all together so good that you just stuck there and watch it till the end.

As a student studying on this field itself, a standing ovation to Alejandro Amenábar, for making such a brilliant ‘pelicula’ @  film. Bravo!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Spanish Movie Week Part 2

  1. one of the best thing about watching this movie is that i realized that i could actually UNDERSTAND most of the things they talked about! i feel like my 2 semesters really paid off. i just need to brush up with watching, reading and listening more to anything spanish… ;p


  2. kan…!!! u can comprende but not estudiante ..ok myspanish is falling to pieces by now,perhaps another trip to spain would brush me instantly lol!


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