Papadom is cracking….GOOOOOODDDDD….!!!!!!!



Finally after weeks of postponement to watch that very cracking movie, me, kak wah and Ying went there. hoho.Certainly that movie cracked a lot of jokes. We were laughing all the way till the end. Especially on Que Haidar’s nerdy+sensitive+cute way of acting his character.comel ok!!!!

As most might know, its about Saadom who runs a ‘nasi kandar’ with Papadom as his speciality, an overprotective father ever since his wife died. So, to fulfill his promise that he will never leave his daughter like he always does when the business starts growing, he never leave his daughter, Maisara till SPM.

So, now that Maisara are going for her university year which she was almost sent to a university in Penang (Which we could have expect USM as the location if it wasn’t the story line changes hehe) Anyway, Maisara got so tired of her dad protection that she made her dad to promise not to come to uitm ( i hate u! hoho ) during her study year.

So he did – NOT!! And many things happen when her dad became the gardener just to watch out for his daughter whereabouts in case anything happen. It was more hilarious to see the ‘ghost’ of his wife joining along through out his ‘mission’. Just a sneak spoiler, I love the first part when he first see his wife – a pocong hahahahah

What was more close to my heart was to see Maisara taking Mascom and went to her first lecture by Prof Balqish (Vanida Imran is soooooooo beautiful!!!), and some of the lectures on ‘x wujud dlm kekosongan’ rings the bell right away.

As part of Maisara’s assignment is to make a short film which i went through that back then. Owh im soooo going to miss my university when i graduate! *sobs*

And guess what the short film was about? hehe…guess it right? Good! Guess it wrong? Go and find out yourself 😉

Overall, it kinda look like a typical malay movie but don’t underestimate coz there’s more than just a piece of Papadom to crack your day. Papadom! You made my day!! Love it!!!!

Totally awesome!!!



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