J’taime Jeux D’Enfant :)

Oui Oui.

Though it maybe a bit  what they call as ‘madly in love’ in their own way.

Though i didn’t like the concrete part but preferred the old part hehe

But it was certainly a lovely movie (trying hard not to question the moral value haha )

Anyway, merci to Madamme Moiselle  Flo La Vie En Rose for recommending this movie

Can’t wait to watch Spanish movie week next week ! By the time i finish all this movie fest, i think i will mix up between spanish+german+french which will make my english tobe in grave danger! jk! jk! 😛

I know, exam is coming, but i make sure i studied on the day before i reward myself for the movie ok.

After all, watching tv & movies is my assignment or at least as my  ‘research’ for the upcoming artwork   😉

As for those who haven’t seen it, again look it up somewhere in YouTube and you will find it somewhere.

*Bon Apetit ~  (“,)

‘Bon Apetit’ means enjoy your meal, not quite  the right word to describe enjoy the movie but it is a ‘delicious’ movie if it is a food. Afterall, food and movie goes hand in hand 😛


2 thoughts on “J’taime Jeux D’Enfant :)

  1. if you can recall a scene where they were deep in concrete then there’s the montage of them kissing which later lead to the ending where they grow old together… that’s how their life would turn out to be if they don’t let the game control their lives. so to me, the real moral of the story is, never play the unbeatable game; you can’t win against love.


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